Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to Smilin'!

We seem to finally be getting back to some normalcy in our lives. This past week has been a nightmare! To say the least. It seems that everything that can go wrong wen wrong this past week. Our A/C went out for the upteenth time this summer. They just keep patching it up and it finally wouldn't patch anymore. But it took them almost a week to finally get a new unit in and then it didn't work right. So today is the first day that we've had air again and we aren't positive it's working! But we are crossing our fingers hoping it's fixed for good. On top of that our Jeep started having issues and we had to take in to the shop, twice. Thought it was completely fixed but the "check engine" light came on again today so we took it back to the shop and they told us what needs to be fixed and luckily it's not as pricey as we thought it would be but it's still an unexpected expense. Our internet went down for no reason for almost a day here. Yesterday I nearly lost it. The stress was just getting to me and I thought if one more thing went wrong I would have a mental break down. But thankfully things are looking up. Thank you, Jesus!!!
Needless to say, my week has been completely off whack. I haven't been able to work out but once and I feel like such a loser at the moment. This is the longest I've gone without working out in over 10 months! I can't believe that I've actually been working out 5-6 days a week for 10 months now!!! That is so crazy and I'm beyond proud of myself. I still have some up and down's and I still struggle with the healthy eating part but I've made it so much longer at this then I thought I would. I have so many more goals to still meet.....I'm ready for a new challenge!
I haven't really been home in over a week. I've popped in and out to get a few things and get fresh clothes for Gianna and I but we've spent most of the week out at my parent's house avoiding the heat. Swimming and just hanging out. But I miss my own bed and my own things and my own home. I miss my routine and most of all I miss working out!!! I can't work out at my parent's house. My mother has some "house rules" that keep me from working out like I want to. One being she doesn't approve of my work out videos because the people aren't "dressed" - lol! And second of all she doesn't like us to wear shorts at her house or tanks tops and I can't work out in anything else. So I just don't even try when I'm there. I tried to swim more and work more of swimming actual "laps". I know it didn't make up for my missing work outs but I really tried not to just sit around on my butt. My eating got a little better this week. I've tried harder to keep to what I know I'm supposed to have.
Starting Monday I'm going to stay home for about three days straight and work on some stuff that I've been lacking at. I'm going to clean my house, and re organize Gianna's room. It's a disaster!!! I need to get rid of some toys, shoes and clothes. Plus I need to clean bathrooms and floors and just get my house back in order. It's amazing how bad it can get when no one is even here! And I'm going to focus on getting my work outs back on track and I'm going to do another Protein Shake cleanse. So three days of getting my life back in order! I'm eager to get started.
I'm ready for bed now, I'm really thrilled to be sleeping in my OWN bed tonight! I think I'm going to sleep very well tonight!
But I'm thankful things seem to be settling back down thankful.

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  1. Praying for you and your damily. I am sure that gets frustrating when things don't work right and it all happens the same week.