Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 3 - Favorite Book

Today is favorite book day!!! I couldn't be more excited because I LOVE to read and lately I have read so many good books it's been super hard to narrow it down to just one. So I narrowed it down to 5 of my favorites! Lol! It's hard to explain each of them so I'll just give a short little over view......
Insomnia is about an older gentleman who loses his wife and starts having trouble sleeping. He then starts "entering" a world other then his own. He is afraid he's having hallucinations but starts realizing there are other people who see these "colors" and auras that he does. They are a link a whole different world. The story goes MUCH, much deeper then that of course, the details are stunning and Stephen King's way of wrapping so many characters and smaller stories into one big story is captivating!

I recently started reading the Hannibal Lecter series....we have found all four books in the series at various thrift stores. I have read the first two and I'm on the third but the second, Silence of the Lambs, has to be my favorite so far! The criminally insane are such gruesome, horrific people but the people who work so hard to catch them are even more interesting. This book takes a look not only into the mind of an insane cannibal but also into the young FBI agent who works so tirelessly to catch him.

Dean Koontz has quickly become one of my most favorite and beloved authors. I have read so many of his books and luckily have many more to read! He is brilliant and yet a little more simple in his story telling then Stephen King (who is another favorite). His stories are intense and thrilling - mixed with a little romance. The Odd Thomas books are a series, Odd Thomas being the first. I fell in love Odd's character right away. He is so simplistic and common, yet completely uncommon at the same time. He sees spirits, the ghosts of people who haven't moved on yet. It his goal and part of his "gift" to help these poor souls solve the reason they can't move on......I would recommend reading this entire series!

Of course, I can't not put Twilight on my list! I don't care what people say, these books are well written and delightful to read. Granted, you must have a sense of romance and a bit of fantasy as well in order to truly love them and get them for what they are. I believe the author has tried to capture the unabashed love that most people have come to scorn and laugh at. The protective, forgiving and unashamed love of two very different people who are willing to take whatever steps necessary to be with each other. Some people don't "get" these books because they themselves can't imagine truly loving someone that deeply. Don't knock these books, the entire series, until you read them for yourself.

And we can't go without a complete classic! I've read all the Chronicle of Narnia series as a child and even as an adult several times. My collection is one of my prized possessions. But of all of them The Silver Chair is my favorite and I'm so eager to see it turned in to a movie soon! C.S Lewis' mind was insanely bright and imaginative! An absolute must read!

(*Note: The first three books do contain language, gruesome scenes and details which would not be appropriate for children or even some young teens. Please make sure that you understand these are not Christian books and do not contain Christians material or Christian "scruples" in any way, shape or form!)

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  1. Well, I know I for sure LOVE the last two books you've listed, but I've never read any of the previous three books listed, nor anything by those authors. When you were talking about Silence of the Lambs....I like seeing the inner workings of the mind and the brilliant minds, fbi and police...etc...that have to crack the 'bad guys' code too, probably one of the reasons I love watching Criminal Minds so much, but I don't really read anything of that calibur...only watch it at this point! :)