Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to Goal Setting....

I've been a little frustrated recently because I just can't seem to get this last 9-10lbs off. I've tried adjusting my calorie intake - unsure if I was eating too many calories or not enough calories, etc. I've bombarded my poor Beach Body coach to death asking questions, trying to figure it all out. I just started Month 2 of my third round of Insanity. And it's keeping me sorta maintained but it's just not getting me where I wanna be. I started thinking the other day that perhaps I needed to put some weight training back into my work out routine because muscle burns calories longer then Cardio does. And then my coach mentioned that very thing to me! Last night my sis was playing with my mom's iPhone and found a bunch of picture from my birthday last year, so almost a full year ago. I was shocked! I don't ever remember being that fat and, well, puffy looking! It was certainly an eye opener and reminded me why I need to work harder than EVER to get to my complete goal and learn how to maintain there. I posted the pics below, a few are from my birthday last August and some are from Christmas.
But here are my goals for August - My plan is to eat completely 'clean' until my birthday. For me that means no sugar, no processed foods, no fast food. Balancing my meals and keeping my portions small and sticking to my allotted calorie intake which I think is about 1850 cal. I'll have to re calculate that to be sure. Of course I am going to take a "break" on the 5th for our anniversary dinner, we have had a date night to PF Changs planned for awhile. I'm not going to gorge but I am going to enjoy dinner! Anyway, my goal is to lose 4lbs. To get back down to 125 (or below!) by my birthday on August 23rd. I am also going to start doubling my work outs at least 3 days a week. I'm going to add back in some strength training routines from P90X and maybe a routine or two from Turbo Jam until I can get Turbo Fire here soon. I really want to get dedicated again to seeing the weight go and getting to my ultimate goal!


  1. it's good to set goals! I hope you make it! you should be an aerobics instructor, with all the training you have!

  2. I have a feeling you will reach your goals, Alaythea, because you are more driven and determined to do so more than most people I know...more than me even! I need to start working out again, but I always feel so overwhelmed trying to add a workout into my days....blah blah blah...I know! lol You look so different now than you did in those old photos!
    Good luck on those goals, girl! :)