Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 90/Halloween

Day 90. I made it! I'm so happy and so proud of myself! My friend and her husband have been doing it "along with" me and that's has made it alot of fun too! Today is their Day 90 too and I'm so proud of them! They are looking fab!!!
We had a good Halloween! Gianna was a great pirate, it turned out so much cuter then I thought it would! I'm glad I let her pick her own costume this year. I think she enjoyed it even more knowing she had a say in what she was. I'm already thinking about possibilities for next year! I like to think ahead, maybe not quite plan ahead but I think ahead alot! I do hate it that Beej missed out on all the festivities with us. He had to work. He dressed up at an 80's dude! I haven't seen him yet but he's on his way home now so I'll see it soon! I kinda saw a preview of it before and it was kinda cute!!! I'm eager to hear what all his co-workers were! That's always interesting! He starts his job back at the water plant on Monday.....
Shopping on Tuesday! I'm so excited about new clothes! I'm totally in love with my skinny jeans! I don't know if they look the best on me but I rock them best I can!!! Hehe! I'll look super hot in them after this next 90 days is up!!! Woohoo!!!
I'm pretty happy and pleased with myself and my life right now! Things are good!!!

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