Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm kinda bummed today because I didn't stick with my goal. I didn't stick to not messing up on my diet all month. The past couple of days have been horrible! I've eaten terrible and consumed an unreal amount of calories. Ugh, makes me gag just thinking about it. Totally did away with my week of working out. And for the first time in 75 days I skipped my workout Thursday. Shame I know. I was gone ALL day and when I got home I just couldn't bring myself to do an hour and a half of Yoga. But I do plan to make it up tomorrow which is normally my rest day. So that I'm ok with. But my eating can't be undone. I feel SO bloated and greasy. Ick. But hopefully I can get with it tomorrow and not mess up til the end of my 90 days at least. My 90th day is on Halloween! I'm so thrilled! I set my mind to do this and I've done it, and loved it! I'm eager to continue on and see how much more I can transform myself in another 90 days! I do feel better about myself overall. I can walk by my store front window or a mirror now without gagging and becoming depressed! I actually think "Hmmm, I'm getting there!" I'm so excited about going shopping! Not only because I haven't had new clothes in forever but also because I know I'm going to enjoy it so much more now that I feel good about myself and know I'm inches thinner! Woohoo! Plus I promised myself that if I made it the entire 90 days I would do this for myself and I've almost done it! No one knows what a HUGE step this is for me! It's the first exercise commitment I've made and stuck with in, well, my whole life I think! I'm tired of having excuses or not having excuses anymore....used to it was " Well, I just had a baby" but after the first 6 months that doesn't work so well anymore! And if surely doesn't work anymore when your baby is almost 3! Lol! I'm like just admit your lazy. I was. I just didn't want to take the time and effort it takes to lose weight. It's the hardest thing I've ever done! And continues to be because I'm not where I want to be. And I'm tired of people "poo-pawing" where I want to be! I told someone recently I hoped to be in a size 6 by the end of the month or at least by the end of next month. And they laughed. As though I was way to far from that goal or that I'd never get there. And I mentioned to someone else I'm close to that my ultimate goal is to be a size 4 again and they said "Well, you may never see that size again, even if you lose weight after you have a baby your hips spread and just need to understand you may never get back down to that again." I say to them "WHATEVER!" Lol! I know that it's within my capability to get there and I will! Here's to reaching goals!!! Woohoo!

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