Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fit, Fit, Hooray!!!!

Ugh. I'm in a munchy mood tonight. And I don't need to be! I screwed up today and had two small pieces of pizza for lunch at my in laws house BUT I just cut back for dinner and still managed to only go a hundred calories over today! Woohoo! But I still feel like crap that I went over at all. I've been doing so good but that took up a huge chunk my calories for the day. And it was good at the time but I've felt yucky ever since. I think there was some sausage on it and pork usually doesn't agree with me very well AT ALL! I think it messed Gigi up too because her tummy has been bothering her ever since too. But right now I'd love to have some serious chocolate! Like a huge, warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce! Or some Bluebell Mint Chocolate ice cream! *Sigh* but I won't do it! I am strong and this urge will pass. And once I'm on the other side of it I'll be so proud that I didn't give in! We had some ice cream here earlier but I made my brothers eat it so I wouldn't be tempted tonight. Because I knew I would be! I did pretty good at Outback the other night too - I didn't eat any bread (so hard!) and I only had a few cheese fries, let Beej eat the majority of them! And then for dinner I had a salad with no croutons and dressing on the side (it's amazing how little dressing you really need!), a 6 oz steak (SO yummy!) and as my side I got grilled pineapple! Very tasty! And water to drink! Can't go wrong with that! I could have skipped the cheese fries but I didn't eat alot of them! I'm getting better at this whole resisting thing! I really try to concentrate on how crappy I know I'll feel if I do give in. I'm tired of feeling horrible every time I give in to something I know I shouldn't have. It's a nice feeling when I resist temptation! My mother in law commented today that I was losing alot of weight! She doesn't know how hard I've been trying too! It made me feel great! It made me ready to keep going on and trying hard!!! I like the way I look and feel....and I'm excited about how much better I'm going to feel in the future! Hooray for fitness!!!

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