Wednesday, October 7, 2009


And so I have made it two days without cheating once! Laugh if you want but for me that's a great start because I've had plenty of opportunities to do just that! Yesterday and today I've completed resisted the Breyer's ice cream that's in the freezer right now. And today I've resisted lots of yummy food at Taco Bell, I only ate a hard shell chicken taco! And then we went out for Mexican for dinner and chips & salsa are so my thing but guess what I ate only 5 little chips! Yup! And then I had grilled chicken and some refried beans! We then we out to a coffee shop and I resisted those delicious Mocha Frappe' I love so much and got a unsweet mint iced tea instead! And it actually was very good and very refreshing! And I didn't leave feeling guilty or yucky. I left feeling upbeat and good about myself! If I can just keep it up for the rest of the month I'll be doing pretty good I think! I went to the store today and just held up a size 6 jeans to me and I'm pretty hopeful! I think about 2 or 3 more inches off my hips and I'll be there!!! Woohoo!!! I'm feeling pretty good! I've decided to add Cardio X at least twice a week to my workouts already. It'll be an extra 1000 calories burned each week and that's a good thing. I think my metabolism is definantly kicking up, I sweat like crazy when I work out and I feel alot hotter when I'm just resting too which is a good sign. Or so I'm told! My size 7 ring is practically falling off of me now! I'm really excited! I haven't been able to wear my actual engagement ring and wedding band since I got's a 5!!! Lol!
Gianna is driving me nuts lately, especially in the evenings. It's like she get so wild and she does everything to annoy me and aggravate me. I really try to be patient but she just keeps at it until I'm beyond frustrated. I usually let her stay up late with me when Beej is gone but tonight she went to be right at 9pm because she would stop hitting my computer. The potty training is becoming worse and worse. When I put underwear on her now she just pees in it, it's like she doesn't even try to get to the potty. I'm so annoyed with the whole thing. I feel like just putting her back in diapers again. I'm not even sure how to help her get it. She was doing SO good for awhile. I guess I just need to stay home for 3 days straight again and put her on the potty every 20 minutes or so.....maybe she'll get it then.

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