Friday, October 9, 2009

What Makes Me Feel This Way?

Isn't it funny how your mind can convince you of things? I swear today that looking in the mirror I had gained 5lbs! I just feel so fat and bloated today although I've eaten very well for the past few weeks and I've exercised more then ever and I fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn for over two years! And they are kinda loose on me already! I've measured and I've lost inches yet I still look in the mirror or I see pictures of myself and I still feel like I'm as fat as ever! And people can tell me all day long that I look good and look like I've lost but until I can see it in pictures and in the mirror I won't believe it! It does make me feel good when my hubby tells me I look like I've lost or changed because he's never lied to me, in fact sometimes he's brutally honest! Lol! But I love him for it and so I know he'd never tell me something that isn't true! I can't wear the "wedding" ring I've been wearing anymore, it's too big now! So I'm wearing a different one, my goal is to be able to wear my actual engagement ring and 1 yr. anniversary band. It's a size 5!!! I'm still working hard towards my goal of a size 6 jean at the end of the month but I'm also realizing it might be too big of a goal for the moment. So I'll be happy with an 8 too. Although I'm wearing some 8's now so I still don't think it's completely impossible! I really want to get something super cute to wear to the concert my hubby and I are going to at the beginning of November. It's going to be a very artsy event and I want something totally cool to wear and feel great in!!! I'm hoping it's really cool out that night so I can wear long sleeves! I don't know if I wanna go grungy, rocker, preppy or what!

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