Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making hairbows....

So I know alot of people have gotten into making bows recently. I LOVE bows and wish Gianna had more hair to wear them! Lol! They end up slipping out most of the time. But I still think they are so cute and I know in a few years she probably won't want to wear them at all so I'm trying to make her wear as many as I can right now! But to be honest I just can't afford the what most people charge for their bows. Even though it may only cover their cost and shipping it to me, it's still to pricey for me. I'm not a very crafty person at all but I've thought maybe I'd get some stuff and start trying to make a few for Gianna. I doubt I'll get into the "tied" bows but maybe some head band kind of things. I've posted a picture of the kind I want to make but I'm not sure where to find those kind of head bands. Does Wal Mart carry them? Maybe Target? And how would you attach the flower? Glue? Tie it on? Sorry, my mind just doesn't work in these crafty ways so if anyone has ideas or knows how to do it please let me know!!!!

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  1. I think its a great idea- and these are my favorite styles- I especially love the BIG flowers...anyways- on to your question, I know some glue them on and others will buy those cheap silver hair stylist clip like things- glue the flower onto them and that way the flowers are interchangeable with the bands! This of course if probably the best way- to me anyways. I researched all about it before I knew we were having a boy, lol because I was going to make them as well. anyways, hope this helps! I cant wait to see them. :)