Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Shopping List!

So I am, as I've mentioned before, going clothing shopping at the end of the month! I'm beyond excited and counting down the days! I haven't had new clothes in so's going to be so fun trying on stuff and buying stuff! I think we are going to make a "girls day out" of it! So I'm making a list of things I want to look for and buy. I've found the best way to get the look and style you want is to go find pictures of it and then purchase pieces that look like the pieces in the pics. I put up some of Jessica Alba not to long ago that I'm going to be using as references in my shopping adventure! SO here's my never ending list! Can't promise myself I'll be able to get everything but I'm going to start!

1. New Jeans - I'm not quite ready for skinny cut jeans just yet, gotta lose some more weight so for now I'll stick with dark wash, boot cut jeans. Dark wash is slimming, especially for hippier people. Boot cut is sophisticated but cute. Flare leg seem a little to "youthy".

2. Cardigan - a neutral color that can be paired with jeans, slacks or dresses.

3.New undershirts - I always wear a tank top under my t-shirts and I need some new ones!

4. Shirt dresses - I want a solid colored one and maybe a plaid one for more fun! They are adorable with leggings and flats!

5. New black flats - I've got two pairs but they are starting to look worn!

6.Scarf - I have several but need a multi colored one....

7. Boots - some flat heeled, walking boots in gray maybe or black.

8. New shirts - just some cute, modern ones! Lol!

I'm pretty excited!!! Working on putting together some money and it's off shopping I go!!!! Woohoo!!!

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