Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I Have A Dream!" Haha!

( I would love to look like this! Love her hair color and love her outfit!!! Smokin'!!!)

Another day! My weekend was crazy! We spent Saturday up at the Fall Festival downtown, hanging out with our besties. It was hotter then I expected it to be but fun! Then we watched Alabama football and packed up for our late night trip to Alabama. We drove all night and got in around 2:30am. Spent Sunday running around going to various churches and meetings. And then drove to Knoxville, got in around 2:00am. Drove the rest of the way home Monday! It was exhausting and practically pointless now that I think about it. Beej was off yesterday, it was so nice to have him home in the evening. He watched football and read while I caught up on CSI and The Vampire Diaries online. Thank God for internet! I am totally loving The Vampire Diaries, no they will NEVER hold a candle to Twilight but it's still pretty good! They even made a jab at Twilight last night! Shame!
So I did my Day 30 and Day 60 photo comparison and although I can see "some" differences it's not what I was hoping for. So I'm buckling down and sticking to my diet like glue this month and try to get off at least another 5lbs. I am planning to go shopping for new jeans and some new Fall clothes at the end of the month and I'd be really happy if I was fitting into a size 6 pants by then! I'll be thrilled! I'm really excited and motivated to do it. I'm still working out hard, even planning to through a few extra cardio workouts in too. I just don't understand how all these super skinny people do it. I see celebs eating all the time and I know they workout but I feel like I'm working out like crazy and not seeing the results I want. This is serious hard work! Maybe my expectations are too high, JUST KIDDING!!! I know it's going to take awhile to get exactly where I want to be but I'm willing to do my best to get there. I'm tired of be fat and frumpy, this county is wearing off on me too much and I hate it. I used to be stylish and now I got to Wal Mart in God knows what! Gianna has started talking like a hick now, that in its self makes me wanna move somewhere else!

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