Monday, June 1, 2009

.....all the livelong June....

Yes, it is indeed June. Already. How the time is flying even as we speak. I am having a rough day because Gianna is having a rough day. She got up in a seemingly good mood but around mid morning just lost it. I think it's because her youngest uncle showed up and they don't get along in any way shape or form. He is the youngest child in my family and feels entitled to being treated like a prince especially when his older siblings are gone, as they are now. And he also thinks it's his right to pick on Gianna and do everything within his power to upset and torture her. Thus even though I have attempted to keep the peace between them I don't know that I have succeeded at all. She is crying and whining about everything. Even after a nap, which I hoped would cure her blues, she is still ill and easily provoked to cry. I am hoping that 8pm comes quickly tonight.
Since it is the first day of June and the beginning of the week I decided to take away Gianna's sippy cup at naptime and bedtime. Nap time went well, she asked for it and I told her big girls didn't have sippy cups in bed and she huffed and rolled over. I am hoping tonight goes just as easily. So far the things I have feared the most with Gianna haven't even seemed to faze her. I am praying this continues on through moving into a toddler bed and potty training! Perhaps being difficult in somethings has made her easy going in others.
I managed to lay out and get a little sun today! I don't know how much time I'll get to spend at the pool this summer. Luckily I think the whole white/vampire look is in right now!!! Lol! But I am no Bella Swan, white skin does not become me! I put in an application for a job last night. The first one I have officially submitted in like uh, 3 or more years! I am nervous yet excited! Hoping it'll all work out if I do get the job. I don't want to put Gianna into daycare....well, I won't put her into daycare. If I can't find someone to help watch her when Beej can't I'll just not be able to take the job.
Well, I am off to make spaghetti for dinner! I am hungry and tired and looking forward to bedtime for Gianna and my brother so that I can curl up and finish reading "Rose Madder" by Stephen King. A captivating book so far and I am eager to finish it!!!

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