Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Beej is away right now....and well, I'm feeling pretty crappy this week. I've been fighting some sort of "bug" thing, my dad seems to have a touch of it too. I don't feel sick enough to stay in bed (couldn't anyway) but I feel sick enough to make me feel yucky and out of sorts. Gianna has been on edge today as well and that's not helped my mood. I think she just needs to go home (we've been staying with my parents) and she's ready to see her daddy too. The guys are at a camp this week and they have NO cell signal and NO internet. The internet thing didn't surprise me but I wasn't counting on no cell phone usage. I'm about to go nuts, I didn't realize how much I count on those phone conversations to keep me "going" every day. This has been the longest week! When he does get somewhere with a signal he is usually in a hurry and they rest of the guys are making so much noise I can't hear him much anway! I'm not even really sure where he's at....sad, I know. Somewhere in God-forsaken Virginia.
Spent some time by the pool today, soaking up sun. A good tan makes me feel so much better about myself! Lol! Tanned fat is always better I guess!!! Lol! I am planning to get the P90X Dvd's soon, I want to start that ASAP. I've actually seen and know people who have used it with great results and I'm ready for some great results! It's a little pricey though and I haven't had the money to get it so far. I'm hoping by the end of July we can get it and Beej and I can both do it. It would be nice to loses some weight before my birthday at the end of August. Not that I'm doing anything special - Beej will be out of town. But still, I wouldn't mind it!
I finished my last book by Dean Koontz - Intensity. Great book!!! Not my favorite by him but still very captivating! I started Odd Thomas today by the same author. My brother in law thinks it's Dean's best work and so far I'm throughly enjoying it! It's a series though and I hate reading the first book in the series and not having the next one to read....but since we buy most of our books at thrift stores you aren't guaranteed series!!! Lol!!! So I'm going to finish this one and hope we find the next one soon! Or I'll have to make a run to the library......

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  1. Alaythea, Isn't it frustrating. I hate talking to Matt on the phone when he's on the road because he is distracted by the other guys the whole time. This is the first time that we've chatted with eachother(on facebook) when he's away and it's great. I feel like we have more honest conversations with eachother. When we are on the phone the other guys can hear what he's saying and I guess doesn't want to get all mushy mushy. I miss him more that usual this week too. Only 3 days left!