Monday, June 15, 2009

"On the road again....."

Well today was my first day "out on the road" with Beej and the rest of the guys from Jupiter has been a long day and I haven't done anything compared to them. But sometimes I think just sitting around is more tiring then actually doing stuff. It's been raining all day and I hate that, it puts me in a dreary mood. And for some reason this time out I really miss Gianna already. She is so cute and has such an adorable personality! She's getting so grown up too. Anyway, back to the band and camp....they did a taco bar for dinner tonight, that was good. The service went well. The guys did about four songs, of course my perfectionist hubby/drummer wasn't pleased with his performance because of a couple "mistakes" they made with the structure of a couple of songs! He'll forever be that way and it's a good thing really. Sometimes though I think that they are trying to hard for the wrong market.....The Christian market isn't open to anyone new or anything fresh or out of the box. I really wish they could totally put aside the whole church/youth group thing and really start playing some cool places. And writing some amazing stuff, I know it's in them! Constantly having to think "worship material" really limits you. I think Beej is destined for things much bigger then the Christian market can imagine...I don't think I want to market any of my stuff (whenever that may be) in the Christian radio market. They is no room for experimenting or trying new stuff. It's all by the rule kinda stuff and that gets old, thus I don't even listen to christian radio anymore - Christian artists yes but not the radio. They are still playing nothing much Steven curtis Chapman, Twila Paris and MercyMe. But who knows, right?!!! I'm really tired and I think I'm going to call it a night soon.....

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