Monday, June 8, 2009

I Sparkle In The Sun!

Nothing makes me feel better or more alive and happy then laying out and soaking up the sun! My dad says that one day I'll regret it when I'm 45 and all wrinkled! But hey, for now I'm one happy girl! Gianna loves being outdoors, I guess because we spend too much time indoors. The pool is her new friend and love! I bought her some "floaties" today but she has no idea on how to "swim" so she just kept dunking her face in the water and swallowing it!!! Lol, oh well! For now we'll stick with the float ring! My sister was back from her week vacation in Gulf Shores, AL. She went with my aunt and uncle as a belated 16th birthday present. It's nice to have her back though, she's loads of fun! She's tans like crazy though so she's all dark! I'm jealous! Hehe!
This is Beej's last week at his "day job"!!! He's so excited and I'm excited for him. We've had a even more conformation from some people who don't even really know us. But what they said was right on with what we already felt God was calling us and leading us to do! It's always nice though when God sends a little encouragement through people who have no idea what a blessing what they are saying is! The band has a lot of gigs coming up. Beej is going to be gone almost three weeks straight - with a few days here and there back at home. I know he loves being out on the road and for now I'm Ok with being home with Gianna. But I think a little farther down the road, when she's older, I do want to travel more with him.....I love to travel, it makes home seem even sweeter once you are back!
I am starting a new book today - my hubby collects books! Lol! He has recently started going to thrift stores and buying books for super cheap so we now have a small library started and I love it! It's so nice knowing there is always a new book in the house I haven't read! My new favorite author is Dean Koontz. Amazing story teller and writer. His stuff is unique and I really enjoy reading it. Some mystery, some romance, some sci fi, some drama....a little bit of everything! Just my style! I have a couple by him I haven't read yet and I've been reading the 'teasers' trying to decide which I want to start next.....I'll let you know when I decide!
Gianna is watching Spongebob, her absolute favorite right now along with her Elmo Songs DVD - I think she's about ready for dinner and Beej will be home any minute! It's Monday night! I think tomorrow we will go meet our besties for some yummy lunch at McDonald's and some super fun play time! Thank God for dear friends!!!!

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