Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today has been uneventful. I have been staying with my brothers and sister while my mom took my dad to the airport in Charlotte. We spent most of the day out by the pool even though the sun only peeked out a couple of times from behind the clouds. The boys enjoyed swimming and Gianna loves being in the water! I've got to get her a kiddie pool to play in, the one she had last year got busted. Cheap plastic!!! Lol!
I am very excited about the band, Mute Math's new album coming out in August! Just in time for my birthday! They have released one of the new songs on their myspace page ( It's called 'The Nerve'! Love it and I'm so thrilled to hear their new stuff......Beej and I saw them perform back in April and it had to be the best live show I've ever seen! They were incredible! I would love to see them several more times.....I have a little bit of a celebrity crush on the lead singer, Paul Meany!!! Lol! He is too cute and so talented!
Once again, I have fallen off the diet/exercise band wagon. I just can't seem to be entirely committed to it and I don't know why. No one ever wants to stick to it with me - there is one problem! I'm not good at doing things by myself. It is so frustrating, mainly I'm frustrated with myself for being so easily swayed. I feel so much better when I diet and exercise yet that still doesn't motivate me to stick with it. I need a cure!!!
Beej goes out of town for 6 days on Monday - the band is providing music at a camp up near Boone. Then he'll be home for a couple of days then off again the following Monday through Saturday...then he'll be home for a week, I think, and then off again for another week. I am thinking about going to AL one of the weeks he is gone with my Mom to visit family and friends that live there. I'm also planning to potty train one week while he is gone! It is looking like more and more of a daunting task! We haven't moved her into a big girl bed yet but I think I'll go ahead and try anyway.....the thought of waking up to pee-peed sheets every morning isn't very tantalizing though! I wish I could just skip this part!!!!

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