Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am currently awaiting my husbands arrival home. Although he hasn't even left where he is yet and probably won't for several more hours I am still waiting, patiently! Gianna didn't take a nap today and she's still up and going strong as of right now! I'm hoping if she stays up super late she'll sleep in a little!!! Hoping is the key word there! I'm going to put a dark blanket over her window too so that the sunshine doesn't awake her any early then need be!
I did some yard work for a lady I know today, my little sister helped. We were trying to earn a little extra cash! I need a new dress for a wedding this weekend. Nothing worse then going to a special event dressed in the same ole same ole!!!
Beej leaves again on Monday for the week. We'll miss him terribly but I'm glad he's getting to do what he loves! I am hoping we can get some basic tracks laid down for my song. We decided to record an older one I wrote that I still like! Lol! But I don't think I like the lyrics anymore, they seem a bit boring. So I'm thinking I may try to re work those here in a little bit. I have a few ideas, keeping the original idea of the song just trying to bring a few more complex ideas in maybe!
I have recently started watching a new show on Thursday nights - it's called The Listener! Very cute show and very cute actor too! But it comes on at 10pm and most of the time I give out half way through and go to bed! Oh well! Perhaps I will watch the whole thing tonight, I'm kinda wired at the moment!!!

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