Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Only the Fairy Best.....

One month from today my cute little fairy is going to be 5! Yes, five! Geez. Originally I had decided to forego the whole party thing. We've done a "family" party every year for her. I let her pick and theme and we have a party with mostly family and occasionally a family friend or two will come. She always has a blast and really looks forward to it. But this year I knew most of my family wouldn't be making it up and so I thought I'd just do something like take her to Chuck E Cheese or something like that.

But after talking to her yesterday I realized she really wanted a party so as of yesterday we are having a party! Lol! My aunt and her family are going to come up so Gianna's cousin will be there (she'll be 5 tomorrow, they are almost exactly a month apart). We are also going to invite a couple of her "best" friends from school. I'm a little nervous about that to be honest. A. I'm afraid no one will come and B. I'm afraid that if the parents stay it will be awkward because I really don't know any of them. But even if no one but her cousin is there she will be thrilled and have a lot of fun!

We are doing a fairy theme. Not really Tinkerbell but I'm sure she'll make an appearance somewhere. I mainly just want it to be really magical. We have a room that we don't use that much so I'm going to drape blankets and curtains and make little tents and really try to make it a little fairy land. I've already been looking for fairy food ideas and I've found some really cute stuff. And of course we're going to make fabulous cupcakes!

I'm enlisting the help of my sister - mainly because she can find a deal anywhere so I'm hoping she can help me find some cheap options AND she's great with kids so I'm really counting on her help with projects like making your own wand and such.....I'm actually kinda excited and really want to be a lot of homemade touches on this party. We've done some really great parties (like her Luau party and her Fiesta party!!!) but I really want her to remember this one forever!

Anyone have some cute ideas you'd like to pass along to me? Any helpful hints?!

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  1. you could make each guest a set of wings as a party favor? (well, depending on how many guests there are.)