Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bullet points

* I'm on day three of eating right. I've joined Dani over at Sometimes Sweet for her week of clean eating challenge although I plan to continue it for awhile. Hopefully. I feel SO great when I am eating right but I just hate being the only one eating right. I hate having to make separate meals for my family and I. I don't cook unhealthy for them really just there's boxed stuff and pasta and such. Last night I made them Hamburger Helper and salad but I just ate a salad with spinach, apple and chicken. It's mainly hard on the weekends, I just wanna eat what I want and not worry about it. But I'm determined to do it this time and get ten pounds off. My working out has been more focused on abs and weights lately because my new tattoo on my foot has been healing so I couldn't do a lot of cardio. I was able to do a little yesterday and really enjoyed it!

* Looking forward to seeing my dad and sister this weekend. They are going to be near here for a day and a half and I haven't seen my little sister since Christmas so I'm excited to hang out with her for a bit. I'm hoping they'll stay and watch the SuperBowl with us too. We're doing pizza and wings but I'm sticking to just wings this time. I have to "indulge" a little but I don't want to completely ruin what I've been doing!

* So my girl's day/night out last weekend totally spoiled me. I feel so bummed I don't have something planned this weekend. It's really crazy that I've ended up being best friends with my husband's ex-girlfriend! I honestly never saw that one coming and would have swore to you it would never happen. But it did and I'm very grateful. She has been such a great friend and she's funny, outgoing and positive. It's such a nice change from negative people. The only bummer is she's an hour and a half away. Which makes me extremely sad. :-( But hopefully we can plan another time out soon because it was so much fun!

* Gianna seems to be doing better with her crying at school. Last week was kinda rough. She started crying as soon as we got to school and cried when I left her. Which is so out of character for her. After a lot of talking, coaxing and begging her to tell me what was wrong she finally told Beej it's because she missed me. ???? Um, ok. I don't wanna make fun because if that's how she feels than ok. So I just started hugging her more, carrying her into school and reassuring her I'd pick her up and that I missed her too. She still gets a little teary but she's doing much better.

* Went to buy some new jeans at Old Navy on Sunday. I was down to one pair so I needed a back up pair for when those are dirty! Lol! Benjamin needed some to and we have a coupon for Old Navy so we stopped by to get some. They have this "new" guide to what style jeans will fit what body type. So I went with the Sweetheart jeans. I tried on the 6's totally expecting them to be too small but lo, and behold, they were too big so I got the 4's. Now that I have them home they are kinda big.....I don't think I'd fit into the 2's yet but the 4's don't fit me as snug as I like. So hopefully if I lose a few more pounds I'll be slipping into those 2's in no time!!!

* I've been slacking on the vlogs lately. Just haven't felt inspire to do one. I usually link up with Young & Restless but the last two have been do a tutorial and product review and I didn't have either! So hopefully I'll be back next week with a vlog of me AND the hubby because I'm supposed to introduce my man to you!

* I have literally heard like 6 pregnancy announcements over the past week. It's driving me nuts! Lol! I seriously know of like 20 pregnant women right now. Once again I feel like I'm a whole different bracket then everyone else. Before I was married before everyone else, then I had a kid before everyone then I finally was with a group that seemed to be near my age, married, had a kid, etc. Now suddenly I'm dealing with an almost 5 year old and everyone else is talking babies again and I'm left in the cold! Even my best friend has three kids and I have one so it's hard for us to totally understand each other's position as a mom of one versus a mom of 3.


  1. gage cries when peppy drops him off too. he also says it's because he misses me. must mean we are amazing mamas. hah! :)

    1. Yeah I'll go with the I'm an awesome mom thing too! Lol!

  2. Aww love you girl! so...
    *You should make the family eat good with you :)Maybe alter their meals a little so that they'll actually eat it :) Thats gotta be rough though :(
    *YAY for girls nights! They are SOO needed!
    *LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR VLOG NEXT WEEK! It will be a fun one :)
    *Boy do i hear ya on the pregnancy thing. I feel "wrong" when i read a pregnancy announcement and get sad. Like why am i sad?? i should be feeling excited and them, which i am, dont get me wrong, i just hate that i feel sad for myself. Stupid emotions haha. Is your surgery reversible? I know if they do it a certain way its reversible..

    1. I can't remember if mine were tied or burned. If they were tied they can be reversed but for like $8,000! Lol! Plus I can't say I really wanna be pregnant, I just want the baby! Lol! But I don't foresee that ever happening, my hubby is good with one so I've gotta be good with it too.....

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