Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In celebration of love

It's Valentine's Day and of course I have to post about V-day and love and all that good stuff! We actually celebrated Saturday night. B usually works late on week days and trying to find someone to watch Gi and but then get her back so she can be at school in the morning....it's just better to celebrate on a weekend. It was really nice because my sister took Gianna that afternoon after she got off work and she kept her until 5:30pm the next day so we got to spend Sunday just hanging out in our pj's, watching TV and B caught up on some sleep due to a nasty migraine. But Saturday night we headed up to Asheville in the freezing cold and went to Carrabba's. We have three favorite restaurants - Outback, Carrabba's and Bonefish. They are all owned by the same company and when B worked for Outback we got a serious discount at all three and just fell in love with their quality ingredients, delicious menus and great service! So usually any time we are celebrating we go to one of those three. We went to Bonefish for our anniversary back in August so I decided on Carrabba's!

(I love how simple the menu is. One page, that's it. But the food is UH-mazing!)

(Their bread is hot and has the best crust and they serve it with an oil & herb dipping
sauce. I could seriously eat loaves of that bread!)

(Antipasti plate for an appetizer. Calamari (THE best I've ever had!), Mozzarella sticks,
and brushetta. Delish!)

(I ALWAYS get the Sirloin Marsala. I can't pass it up. It is literally one of the
best steaks you'll ever put in your mouth!)

(Perfect medium rare! And please, refrain from leaving me comments that it's
"still alive" or "moooing". I've heard them all! Lol! And if you like your steak
cooked like beef jerky more power to ya but this is the best way to
truly enjoy the flavor and texture of a good quality steak!)

(B had the sirloin and crab stuffed shrimp!)

(Gianna brought home whoppie pies she made with her aunt. They were
unreal yummy!!! I may have had one for breakfast today.....come on, it's Valentines!!!)

(My hubby and I don't really do gifts but I made him a card yesterday and put him
together a little thing of candy to snack on at work today.)

(And of course our little cutie pie ready for Valentine's Day at school -
passing out her Valentine's and having a little party at school.
B will bring her home a little something too like a balloon and a little thing of candy.)


Now a little "rant" about Valentine's! Lol!
There seem to be two kinds of people on Valentine's - people who love it and can't wait to celebrate and those who all out hate it.
I personally love Valentine's, not because we go overboard and there are lots of gifts involved or anything like that. Although if that's how you celebrate that's great!
For us we like to just spend time together and have a great meal. We enjoy just hanging out together and just focusing on us.

Lots of people say that they celebrate their love all year round. And that's good, we do too but it's nice to have a holiday where we can exclusively focus on us and the love we share.
I'm all about people who do things for their kids, we usually get Gianna a little something but Valentine's isn't for her. It's for lovers. And that's just the truth. Sure, we celebrate lots of people we love because V-day has kinda become a generic holiday about "love" but originally it was for people who were IN love.

It hurts my heart to hear people say things about love being stupid or basically say that people who are in love are "lying" or that they'll just be an "ex" sooner or later.
That's such a bitter outlook on love. And I know, lots of people have been through crap with people they thought they loved or thought loved them. But in the end, that wasn't love. It was a cheap imitation and you shouldn't make fun of the people that truly have love.
I wish everyone could experience what B and I have. It's not perfect by any means but we truly love each other more than I thought possible.

So for me Valentine's is just an extra day to let my husband know I couldn't imagine life without him!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. What a perfect Valentines weekend!! (Besides the migraine of course... boooo!)
    I totally agree with your Valentines rant!

  2. i have no problem with v-day. but i do have a major problem with the corporate greed that comes along with it. $7 for a card? psh. lame.

    1. Oh I agree, Deanna! That's why my hubby got a handmade card and some leftover candy from Gianna's class valentines! Lol! But it's the thought that counts, right?!

  3. Vday is all about love. Those who are in love, truly in love. LOVE IT. there is no reason for someone who is "in love" to hate the holiday that is surrounded and soley about love. I dislike those people too sweets. I don't see how someone could turn such an amazing holiday into something negative. xoxo

    Happy vday!

    In our sea of love