Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday, Saturday, Sunday....

We had quite a lovely weekend. We didn't really have lots of plans or anything and we didn't do anything crazy exciting but we had fun and just enjoyed spending time with each other!
My husband works Monday through Thursday so our weekend starts Thursday night when he gets home. I talked B into taking us to Outback Thursday night when he got home from work. It was so yummy and Gianna has discovered her love of steak too so she's eating half of my steak now!

Friday the kiddo was off to school - her outfit looked all 80's unintentionally!
After we took the kiddo to school we grabbed a quick breakfast at McD's and ran a couple of errands around town. B made BLT's on croissants with Chipotle ranch for dinner that night and they were SO yummy!

Saturday morning we "slept in" which means we got up at 7:30am! Lol! But Gigi crawled in our bed and we browsed our phones while she played with her Nintendo. B helped her through some of the tougher parts....then we got up and headed out for some breakfast at Denny's.

We stuffed ourselves with pancakes and eggs and did word search puzzles. Then made a stop by the flea market just to browse around. B has made friends with one of the dealers there and they've exchanged CD's and such. He's had some awesome hard back Stephen King books for sale and gave B an amazing deal on it three of them that we didn't have!

After that we went by the in-laws house and Gi and I made a run to Costco with her to pick up a few things.

Gianna had a blast trying samples including a greek yogurt smoothie on top of orange juice, turkey bacon, chips & dip, crackers and cheese and shrimp! Lol!

We picked up some yummy food to eat.

Costco seriously has THE best grapes ever. I love going there for produce because it's so much better than the produce we get around here. My mother in law also bought Nutella. Uh oh. I consumed WAY too much of it over the weekend. But it was so yummy!

Sunday morning we headed to church. I'll admit we haven't been in awhile. Just one thing or another or we've just been down right lazy and just haven't gone. But we went and our pastor was out but we had a guest speaker. The guest speakers brother was there visiting as well. He looked like a white haired Johnny Cash! He ended up playing a couple of little songs on the piano at the end of service and it was the best part of church!

After church we grabbed lunch at Taco Bell like we usually do. Gianna even opted to try something "new" - crunchy tacos instead of cheese roll ups! We've finally gotten all the paperwork completed and turned in to the school so that she can be put on a lactose free menu at school. So we are trying to get her prepared to cut it out completely pretty much. We've discovered Lactaid milk - which is lactose free milk and it pretty much tastes like regular milk. She's thrilled because she didn't like rice or almond milk. Cheese is mainly going to be the hard part for her.....

B watched some golf and then took Gianna out to course to play but the course was packed due to a tournament so they ended up going a playing around at the putt putt course and got ice cream at McD's! She loves getting to spend time alone with her daddy.....

I spent a lot of time reading - started a new Stephen King book called Lisey's Story. And we watched a lot of Food Network and called it a night by 9pm! All in all a very good weekend!

Oh, and this week is Dr. Seuss week at school so each day they'll be reading a new Dr. Seuss story and they have to wear something to go along with the book. Today they are reading The Lorax and they have to where something green. Tomorrow it's Fox in Sox and they have to wear crazy socks! Gianna's really excited about it! And I think we are going to go see The Lorax at the movie theater on Friday after Gianna gets out of school.

So I'm off to get things done and get the week started off right!

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