Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Hairstyle?

I like the "blonde one's" cut! Maybe I should just keep it that length and put a red streak in it and call it a day! Lol!!! Long hair is sexier on me I think....
This is super cute, but with red instead! But that's alot of flat ironing for me!

I love this one but it's WAY extreme and I'm not sure I could manage fixing it everyday and keeping the color up!

So I've been wanting to put some red in my hair for awhile. I miss my hair being different colors all the time. It was so much easier when I was in school and then working at a salon. I could get my hair done anytime by any stylist for practically free! Now that it comes out of my own pocket, full price I haven't had a good cut or cool color in years. I'm so bored with my hair! Grrrr! So I've been thinking about doing something totally extreme but I'm scared to at the same time! It has taken me so long to grow my hair out and the thought of not being able to put it in a pony tail kinda scares me! Lol! My hubby all but told me he doesn't like my hair today! He "gently suggested" that I get a new cut, something edgy!!! It just takes so much money and alot of time. And the keep up, ugh!!! But I'm tired of feeling old and frumpy! I have a few more months to decide! When it's long I want it short but when it's short I miss it being long. But the in between thing isn't for me either, I tried it! Here are a few of my "ideas", extreme and not! Lol!

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