Thursday, September 24, 2009

Midnight, well, almost!

It's almost midnight and I should not be awake at this hour! I'm not a late night person but I was gone all day running errands with my family and never had a chance to work out and well, I will not go to bed with a workout undone now! My brother and sister are staying with me and she had to do the same workout today so that was some motivation too! We did an hour and a half of hard Yoga! I found out just the other day that I burn over 500 calories doing Yoga! I was thrilled! I mean, even though it's hard as crap and I sweat like crazy I just didn't realize I could burn that many without like jogging constantly for an hour or something! I think my metabolism has finally kicked in gear good....I'm trying to eat smaller meals every couple of hours rather then eating big like a couple of times a day. I've cut out soda almost completely. I found out the other day that when you order a soda out and drink two to three refills you consume around 750 calories! And it's all pure sugar! Nuts, huh?!!! Since I'm keeping to around 1500 calories daily that's way to much to give up for something that has NO benefit to you what so ever. I'm really trying to eat better - my in laws brought pizza, I ate one small slice! yeah! At taco bell today I ate one chicken taco! I'm getting better at this, the better I feel the better I eat! I ordered a Mocha Frappe' out today and drank about 1/4 of it was just totally grossed out! Didn't finish it. I feel like I'm looking alot better though. Much tighter, my arms are firming up and defining and my legs are too. My stomach is tighter but I have so far to go there! My goal is a size 4, a hot size 4!!!!
Well, I need to head to bed! I've got to get up and workout and pack before we leave at one tomorrow! I'm excited about a weekend away! Hooray for first tats! Happy birthday to my niece!!!

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  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better! I really hated it the days where you were so hard on yourself because you are doing so good. I am so glad to see you complimenting yourself. I read a pc. of a online article today about Jennifer Love Hewitt- she was featured in shape magazine this month, she has really worked hard on getting herself into shape after some not nice pics of her were published last summer (I have always thought that she was soooo beautiful) anyways, she said that every morning she wakes up and she tells herself at least 5 nice things about herself, that will uplift her, so when something happens or someone attacks the way she looks- she reminds herself of the beauty that she sees inside of her own self and it helps her tremendously. Of course she said she has her totally off days, which who doesnt?!?! but the point is, I really liked it and I thought that it was a great idea- and that I would share it with you, so that on the days when things arent looking so good, you will have already told yourself all the great things about you that you love and appreciate. Like I said before, I am really glad that you are doing so much better, I know you look good and others do too, but I know how important it is for "you" to think you look good. :)