Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day To Day

We had a great Labor Day weekend! Spent the day up in the mountains, Hendersonville and Asheville. We visited downtown Hendo for what was left of the Apple Festival. Not alot going on but we had fun hanging out with some of my family and one of my best friends and her hubby and son! I thank God every day for my friends! I think I went so long without friends that now having a few that are so close and so dear to me really means alot now. Friends, especially good ones, are hard to come by these days! We also went on up to downtown Asheville. That place is so neat yet so weird at the same time! We always run into at least one crazy person while we're there! This time the some man wanted a dollar to get his wife to a job interview. When we refused to give him a dollar he told us to look around for her, "she's wearing a purple da-shiki and she's ugly...." I don't know what a da-shiki is and poor woman!!! We got a good laugh out of it though! Later that evening we all went out to my parents house and enjoyed delicious, juicy burgers wrapped in bacon, home made fries and desert! Yes, Tony Horton would have been so disappointed in my Monday! But I couldn't have asked for a better day! Gianna was a little angel and our friend's son is just perfect! He doesn't like his stroller but other then that he was quiet as a mouse and happy as can be!
My hubby and I are now on Day 37 of P90X! Oh yeah, that's right, I've been working our 6 days a week for almost 40 days! I never cease to amaze myself! Haha! I'm pleased with the results I'm seeing and I'm eager to see the changes that come in the next 53 days! But I'm not done there, I've already decided to go on for Round 2 of P90X and from there who knows! I don't want to stop what I've started now. Other might not be able to see my "results" just yet but I can see positive changes already! My muscle tone is amazing, my legs muscles are getting defined, my arms are firmer then they have been in years and my back is even starting to define! Woohoo! I've lost a few pounds but I know I've gained several pounds in muscle too. I'm working hard on the diet, weekends are so hard for me though. I do great all week - keeping my diet to 1200-1500 (MAX!) calories, keeping to good carbs, etc. But then come the weekend we go out with family and friends and I totally lose it! Ugh! But at least I know I'm not "splurging" or "binging" all week long now. And I know with working out as hard as I am I'm not gaining anymore! Can't wait to post before and after pics and feel good about them!
Beej finished recording his second song today that he plans to put on his EP which is due out in October. I'm so pleased with his work! Very experimental and different for him. He's trying different things with his vocals and experimenting with new sounds. Tonight he was drumming on his desk chair, put it in the song and it was awesome! A very "crisp" drum sound! He's putting so much effort into it and I know it's going to take him places.
I have another song I'm ready to record. But I'm eager to write something new. I keep a "journal" of song ideas and lyrics. But I just can't seem to complete anything. I'm sorta stumped! Writer's block or something.

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