Sunday, September 13, 2009


Isn't it amazing what your kids "introduce" you too?!!! I think of some of the things I find fun or funny now all because Gianna does. I never, ever watched Spongebob, in fact, I wasn't allowed to. My mother to this day finds it an "inappropriate" cartoon. But for some reason I let Gianna watch it one day, I think it was because there was nothing else on and I just needed her to settle down for a bit. And she loved it! Soon she was asking for it, she always calls him "G-Bob Pants"! After awhile I started watching just to make sure it was too crude or anything and I actually starting liking it too! It's funny, silly and just a plain ole good time! There are times when a episode will get on my nerves but I found it's more my attitude and my own uptightness. Not good ole, bright and sunny Spongebob. I grew up in a home where things were pretty uptight most of the time. And I try so hard to fight that in my own life. Am I winning? I don't know, but I just keep trying! Not to mention, it puts a smile on my daughters face, and that is worth more to me then anything else!
Gianna also introduced me to McDonald's. Had I been there before her? Of course I had but I'd never really seen it through the eyes of my two year old. To her McD's is a wonderful place, a fun place! They have chicken nuggets, you drink soda, you get a toy with your meal, they have a place to run around and play and best of all you eat outside!!! She sees those golden arches now and jumps for joy!!! I get so much pleasure out of taking her there and buying her a Happy Meal, fairly inexpensive yet priceless to my sweet girl!!!!
How I love her!!!!

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