Sunday, September 27, 2009

58 days....

So I've made it through the first two months of P90X, well almost! I'm a couple days shy! But I'm so proud of myself! I've never stuck with an exercising plan before like this. I haven't stuck with the diet plan exactly but I'm doing so much better then I was. I really think about stuff before I eat it. Working out makes me realize how much work it takes to get rid of the crap I eat sometimes. I'm looking forward to this next month, hoping to see some great results and even more changes! My hubby and I are planning a night out in honor of completing our first 90days! Dinner out all dresses up! I'm getting a cute little black dress and some cute heels and we're going out on the town! We're thinking Bonefish Grille! Love that place almost as much as we love Outback and Carrabba's! But it's a little fancier so it'll be so much fun, and then I plan to HAVE to go out and buy new jeans. I've needed some new ones for awhile but by then I'm hoping the ones I have are falling right off of me! I love Old Navy jeans and I'm headed there in a month! Woohoo! And then I'm on to my next round of P90X, after about two more rounds of it I'm hoping to be in a good enough shape to head on to an even more intense program called Insanity! Mmmmm, hmmm! Yay for fitness!
Fall is fast approaching! I plan to rock the leggings and tunic look this Fall! I love it! I'm so excited about chilling weather and crisp mornings. Halloween is going to be so fun with Gianna this year! She's excited although I'm not quite sure she understands it all really. But I'm going to buy her costume soon....she's going to be a sweet little Pumpkin Fairy! Adorable! And then Thanksgiving.....such a wonderful, warm holiday! I love Thanksgiving!!!! We're planning and hoping to go to a Pumpkin patch this year, we haven't made it the past two years but I'm really hoping this year we do. I've never carved a pumpkin, so sad I know, but I hope Gianna gets too! I think we're planning to go with our besties! What fun!!!

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