Saturday, May 12, 2012


1. Do you like blue cheese dressing?
No way! It is so nasty!

2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes?
Nope! Just the smell makes me want to puke.

3. Do you own a gun?
Lol! No, I don't.
4. What's your favorite drink at Starbucks or other specialty coffee shops?
Mocha with an extra shot of chocolate.

5. What do you think of hot dogs?
If I'm in the mood for one they are yummy - with ketchup and mustard. Otherwise I'm not a huge fan.
6. Favorite Christmas song?
"The Christmas Song"

7. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Milk in my cereal!
8. Can you do pushups?

9. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
Not a big jewelry fan but probably my engagement ring. It's so pretty!

10. Favorite hobbies?
Reading, blogging, dancing (in private! Lol!), listening to music, playing the piano

11. Do you have ADD?
No, I can concentrate when I need to!

12. What's one trait that you hate about yourself?
I have very little patience.

13. Middle name?

14. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?
I love this scene in Twilight, what is my daughter singing about? and I wonder if my hubby's out of the movie yet.....

15. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink.
Water, Crystal Light and Cherry Coke Zero

16. Current worry right now?
Finding a place to live in the next couple of weeks.

17. Current hate(s) right now?
How short my hair still is, the fact that we have mice again (gag, shudder, scream)

18. Favorite place to be?
Hanging out with my hubby.

19. How did you ring in the New Year?
I'm pretty sure I went to bed at like 11pm! Lol!

20. Like to Travel?
Love it, don't get to do it often enough but I enjoy it.

21. Who is the most honest person you know?
My hubby, I don't think he has the ability to lie! Lol!

22. Do you own slippers?
Yeah, but I only wear them in the winter when it's cold.

23. What color shirt are you wearing?
White with bright flowers 

24. Could you ever make it 39 days on the show Survivor?
I certainly hope I could, I'd like to think I would be able to.

25. What songs do you sing in the shower?
When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus!

26. Favorite girl names?
Poet, Light and Brave

27. Favorite boy names?
Rocker, Lachlan, Brave

28. What's in your pocket right now?
I don't have pockets right now!

29. Last thing that made you laugh?
My daughter, she's hilarious just like her daddy

30. Worst injury you've ever had?
I cut my arm open all the way to the bone, and I cut open my thumb really deep as a child.

31. Do you love where you live?
Nope, so happy to moving VERY soon!

32. How many TV's do you have in your house?
Just one in the living room.

33. Who is your loudest friend?
My hubby?!

34. Does someone have a crush on you?
Probably not, I'm an old married woman! Haha!

35. What is your favorite candy?
Peanut M&Ms and Twix

36. Favorite Sports Team?
Alabama Crimson Tide

37. What were you doing 12 AM last night?

38. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up today?
Why can't my kiddo ever sleep in?! Lol!

39. What is your favorite Holiday?

40. What are you plans for tomorrow?
Going to church and then grilling out if it's not raining too bad! Happy Mother's Day to me!


  1. oh gosh, i'm right there with you girl. the mister and i are about to be moving and we need to find a place in the next couple of weeks. overwhelming for sure!
    xo TJ

    1. we've found a place and just put our first offer in today....but our agent said it could take up to six weeks for everything to finish up. Ugh!!! But we love this place so it's worth it. I hope you guys find a place you love quickly!