Saturday, May 12, 2012


(Rocking our jean jackets last night! Her's is from a thrift store and I'll cry when she outgrows it. Mine is like 12 years old. No joke.
I've had it forever and it's still awesome and goes with everything!!!)


Reading: Oh my, my list is SO long when it comes to books I want to read. Currently though I'm reading the fourth book in Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series, Lost Souls. I read the first three awhile back and then sorta forgot about going to the library and getting the next one. But the third book in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was checked out so I went with this one. I want to finish TGWTDT series and I also really need to catch up on Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series. I've read the first four books and he's put out three more and a fourth is on it's way! So LOTS of reading ahead of me! YAY!

Watching: Right now the only two shows we really keep up with are Restaurant Impossible and Touch. We are excited because this season on RI they redid a restaurant in Meridianville, AL which is where my parents live and they've actually been there to eat since it's been redone so I'm so stoked about seeing that one! Touch is good, not the best show ever but worth watching. A very interesting concept for sure. We also saw The Avengers the other night and you MUST go see it while it's in theaters. It's just one of those that needs to be seen on the big screen!

Thinking About: I feel like my mind is a whirl wind lately. Mainly trying to figure out everything that is supposed to happen next month. Luckily I have a husband who is much better and planning ahead than I am. Thank God or we'd be in a mess! Lol! My biggest thought process right now is trying to figure out what to get rid off. We will be moving into a smaller place (I mean, we currently live in a two story, five bedroom farm house!), which personally I'm happy about but that still means getting rid of a lot of "junk" and extra stuff. Not to mention we just want to change some thing once we move. Thinking about having a big yard sale soon at my sister's house - kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Get rid of stuff and make some money and the same time!

Anticipating: Finding a place live! We've found a few we like but for one reason or another they haven't worked out. We looked at a place yesterday that is PERFECT - it's cute, right across the street from the HUGE school Gigi would attend, it has a pool and the location just couldn't be better, and it has a red door. Come on! I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up just yet but we are going to schedule a time to go check it out inside and see what we think and then go from there.

Listening to: Malt Shop Oldies! I love old music like that. It's so happy and simple and it just makes me feel good and makes me wanna dance. So I crank up the station on the TV especially in the mornings and it just sets a good tone for the day ahead.

Eating: I've been eating pretty well because a friend of mine and I are doing the myfitnesspal thing and trying to keep each other in check. But I've sorta been off the past day or two. Lately I've been eating cold cereal, leftover spaghetti and going out to eat! Lol! I had an A&W burger Thurs night before we went and saw the Avengers. Last night a steak at Outback which was perfection!

Working On: Being truly more confident in myself. I know that sounds so cliche' but it's true. I feel like I went through a period after doing Insanity the first time (early 2010) when I felt really great about myself and my confidence was way up. But it's slowly just fell over the past year or so again. And I'm really trying to focus on doing my best when it comes to working out and eating right. Not beating myself up when I don't, just getting back to it as soon as I can and working out harder. I've started trying to run a bit. I hate running but I know it can be really good for you and for now I have a large yard I can run for now. Hopefully after we move I'll have a sidewalk or pavement to run.

Wishing: That there weren't so many things that are still uncertain. I hate the unknown. I like being able to anticipate and plan ahead and not having anything definite is kinda hard. I don't feel motivated to pack up the house and stuff because I don't even know when or where we're going! I'm also wishing that Gigi would find her braveness, I feel like 5 has brought on this timidness that I wish weren't there. Although I know how she feels and I guess that's why it bothers me so much, I'm afraid she's going to miss out on things because she's not brave enough to try them. A lot like me.  Also wishing that I could get a job lined up soon, one that will work with my hours......lots of wishing going on! Just gotta make it all happen!

What are you "currently" doing? If you do this kind of post leave me a link
in my comment section! I'd love to read yours!

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