Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Currently, people!

Reading: I just finished reading Demon Seed by Dean Koontz. Weird and not my favorite by him at all!  Lol! But it was a quick read, I read it in an hour or so while laying out. I started the third book in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I just started but so far I've really liked the series. It's a bit different then what I normally read. It's more of a criminal fiction type book and I don't usually read that kind of thing but it's been good and a nice break from what I normally read.

Watching: Pregnant In Heels! That show is hilarious. The crazy rich people are nuts. Some of the stuff they do, expect, or hope is just down right ridiculous! Movie wise I just watched Underworld Awakening and honestly I was a bit disappointed. It wasn't a bad movie and Kate Beckinsale was great as always but I just didn't feel the story line was all that exciting. Right around the time I finally felt it was starting to get somewhere it ended! But they did leave it wide open for another and hopefully that one will have more of the Lycan/Vampire Michael in it! :-)

Thinking About: SO MUCH! But mainly just working on getting a job lined up for when we move. I'm trying so hard not to be discouraged. I've been in about 8 applications so far and mostly I get an email back saying, in other words, "lots of people want this job too so don't count on hearing back from us." And getting a job isn't really an option thing, I have too. And I'm so afraid no one will hire me!!! I'm afraid my lack of "working" in the past six years is really doing me in. I've started putting my minimal office assisting for my parents as my current "job" just so something is there. I'm trying to put a nick name since someone told me my name is too hard for people to say. I need something in the evenings and weekends because until Gi starts back school I have to be home with her and we'll only have one vehicle until I'm working. Yeah, I'm sorta freaking out about it.

Anticipating: Hearing back from our realtor about our offer on a home! We met and signed the papers for our first official offer "contract" and he was handing it in this morning. I realize it could be a week or longer before we hear back especially with Memorial Day on Monday. But I'm praying hard they get back with us sooner. I want this place SO bad! I keep imagining my stuff in it, how I'll arrange stuff, what living there would be like, etc. So, yeah.....anticipating that a lot!

Listening to: Sky Sailing and Sixpence None The Richer. Sky Sailing is Owl City - he did a project of some old songs that he wrote long before he was Owl City. They are so pretty and I just love his voice and song writing. I've been a SNTR/Leigh Nash fan for awhile. My absolute favorite album is their Divine Discontent. It's amazing. I got their first album and listened to it last night and it was just as good. Her voice is enchanting.

Eating: Trying to eat better. The past few days every time I eat, no matter what I eat I seem to get indigestion. It feels like heart burn but in my stomach. Not pleasant. And it's no matter how "bland". Even oatmeal seems to bring it on. So I'm almost a little nervous about eating. I'm trying to eat more fruits and veggies but honestly, I hate veggies. I seriously have to force myself to eat any. I could eat fruit all day longs - I like salad with dressing (lol!) and broccoli if I make it in a stir fry or eat it raw, again, with dressing. So not exactly super healthy. But right now I'm on oatmeal kick! Lol!

Working On: Sorting through stuff in my house - deciding what to get rid of and what to keep before we move. Even though we clean out stuff regularly there is still way more stuff then we want to move into a new home. Our goal is to take only the stuff we absolutely must have and start replacing other things with stuff we really love and want once we move. I feel like at least 1/2 of our current stuff we have not because we really love it but because we just have it. Lol! We are doing a HUGE two day yard sale in a little over a week. This house is going to look so bare soon but I'm ready. We've started collecting boxes too we can start packing. As soon as I'm pretty sure we're getting this place everything is going in boxes. Not to mention the place we are trying to get is on the third story so moving stuff up three flights of stairs is going to be fun. :-)

Wishing: I had a job lined up and that we knew for sure we were getting this place! But it's coming....I'm doing my best to stay extremely positive through all this. No point in being negative, that never accomplishes anything.

What are you currently doing?!

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