Monday, May 14, 2012


Happiness. Isn't it what everyone hopes for, seeks, thinks about, tries to accomplish? But life seems intent on making us unhappy a lot of times. Not all the time. Don't think I'm some miserable person because I'm really not. But life has a way of throwing things at you that really put a damper on happiness sometimes. I guess the biggest thing is remembering that happiness is just an emotion, it's a state of mind as well. Happiness is joy, contentment, faith, trust, truth and love all rolled into one. That doesn't mean there aren't bad days and that you don't have moments where you can't stand it all but I think happiness is making sure that a larger percentage of the time you are focused on the good and not on the bad that may happen. Life is full of imperfections and if we wait for life to be perfect to enjoy it than it probably will never happen. Things happen, it's just part of it. How we react to those things is what determines our level of happiness.

I'll admit that sometimes I look at other people's lives and they look so much "better" - I look at their circumstances, the things or opportunities they've been given, all the things they get to do and it can start to affect my attitude towards my own life. And that's when I have to stop looking at them and go back to focusing on my life and the good in it. Because I have it SO much better than a lot of people. I recently watched two different videos online and they both had a very profound effect on me. You can go watch them HERE and HERE.  Both stories will make you ball your eyes out. But both stories made me realize just how freakin' blessed I am. I have a healthy, happy, well behaved daughter and I have a strong, smart, hard working husband who takes care of us both. No, life isn't perfect but life is good. These stories made me feel stupid for complaining about small things - how dare I forget how blessed I am and how well cared for I am just because something breaks down, or I have to deal with something unpleasant, or someone decides they don't like me.....these things shouldn't effect the fact that I have more than I need and I am loved beyond measure and my eternal future is secure in my Father.

Sure, new things and more things can be nice, it's enjoyable! But it's not what determines happiness day in and day out. If I never received another thing I could still say I was extremely blessed. I can complain about having a cold or a headache but then I read the news and see a young girl losing her extremities all because she went on vacation and contracted a flesh eating disease and then suddenly my "issues" don't seem important at all. I can get frustrated when Gianna won't stop running around and being loud but that mother whose child will never walk, or speak, or see would probably be thrilled to have my "problem". Or when I have an argument with my husband and I know that we'll work it out and make up in no time - I know there are hundreds of women who wish they had a good marriage and a loving husband to care for them and love them. The list could go on and on......ultimately I have every reason in the world to be happy! These are passing frustrations that need not be dwelt upon. Life passes far too quickly to focus on things so trivial.


  1. what a beautiful post! this is the way i choose to look at life, as well. it always happens that you will get down at some points, but as long as the majority of your time is spent being optimistic, i think that is what's important! beautifully written! happy belated mother's day!