Thursday, May 10, 2012


How many of you are on Pinterest? How many of you actually pin on Pinterest? I don't understand people who start a Pinterest account and then never pin anything or pin like two items then nothing. And honestly, I didn't get Pinterest at first. But I think I said that about Facebook and Twitter too but hello! I'm loving those now and I'm loving Pinterest too. If you are an avid pinner look me up on Pinterest. Here are a few things I've been pinning lately.....

Why oh why did I ever cut my hair? Seriously. If I ever threaten to cut my hair again before it's this long someone slap me!!!

I've recently been trying to get into running, at least a little bit. I don't think I'll ever be an avid runner but who knows. For now I'm just doing thirty minutes a couple of times a week, just running as much as I can in that time. 

Lately I've been really into the whole white, grey and yellow scheme for bedrooms. Light and airy. I'm ready to change things up once we move. I've always been into darker "earthy" tones but I'm over that now!

Love the beachy feel and the decorative wall!

My kiddo is developing a good sense of fashion - she'd love these cute outfits!

This gorgeous tattoo!!! It's so feminine and pretty. I love the pink and black.

I'm totally obsessed with Young The Giant especially their song Cough Syrup!

I'm still in love with The Hunger Games....

Indian food! It's so yummy! Especially Chicken Tika Masala and Naan bread. Oh Lord!

Colorful anklets and nails! So summery and fresh!

Summer chic.

Boho. I'm loving the whole maxi dress and skirt thing especially with a classic jean jacket.

So what have you been pinning lately?!

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