Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finding a home....

Yesterday we took the next step in house hunting and actually scheduled time to go tour a few houses. We had picked a few and our realtor had lined up some too. It's amazing how different things look in person - you see the angles and stuff they took photos at to make things look bigger or less of an issue, etc. You get to see stuff they don't include in the description like the stain on the carpet or the weird wallpaper in the kitchen. Honestly though of the four we toured I could have imagined us living in all four - for the right price! It was also interesting to see what you could get for one price and then 2 miles down the road get something just as nice or nicer for $20,000 less! We have been sticking within certain area because we wanted Gigi going to one of two schools in that area. So that has narrowed our choices some but to us that's very important.

We originally had thought we'd go with a small house but after talking with the bank and finding out our pre-qualifying amount we started looking into condo's as well. Personally I love the idea of a condo. I'm not quite ready to part with that community feel of an apartment so I've always loved the idea of a condo/townhouse. I'm not one of those girls who dreams of a huge house with a massive yard. After helping care for the house we're living in I can't wait to get away from that. I like someone else taking care of the grass and outside. And B and I like things fairly minimal and it's funny how much stuff you can acquire when you have more space to put it in. And not even stuff you really need! B and I have been going through the house deciding what we're going to get rid of before we move and I think we'll be moving with about 1/4 of what we currently have.

After looking around we realized that we couldn't get a house in the condition we really wanted in our price range. We didn't want a house in need of a lot of work and falling apart. We want something move in ready. So we switched and started focusing more on condos and townhouses. And for our price range we can get something nicer and more modern.

And yesterday we fell in love with a place - perfect for us and in a great price range for us as well. We are planning to put in an offer tomorrow hopefully. Fingers crossed that they'll accept and we'll both walk away with what we want - and that would be us with a key to the place! Lol! It's kinda funny to see places that are still currently lived in. To see they're style and the stuff they have and how they arrange things. The place we are looking at purchasing literally has enough stuff in it to fill three places that size! Not hoarders at all, it's all nice stuff but just way too much stuff for the space. We went to one place that had obviously housed smokers and I wrote it off pretty much immediately. Having a realtor there (who is also a friend) was so nice. He was honest with us and pointed out the pros and cons. Things I never would have thought to look at it or check. Or things that could possibly be used as leverage on negotiating the price, etc.

All in all a great day yesterday and we're praying we get this place! It's perfect for us!!! I'll keep you updated....don't want to share too many details and jinx it for us.

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