Saturday, March 17, 2012


This little kiddo is still really sick. It's been almost a full week now and she's not much better. In fact, she seemed so sick that I finally called the pediatrician and got her in again on Friday. On Tuesday when she went in the dr. said she had the start of an ear infection in one ear so they put her on an antibiotic and sent her home but after 3 days on the antibiotic she wasn't getting any better. When I took her in yesterday the dr. looked in her ears and said "Whoa, her ears look awful!" Apparently she has a double ear infections and her said her left ear "took the cake on bad ears". Great. So she's on a stronger antibiotic now. I'm hoping that tomorrow she'll wake up and there will be a big improvement. Today she has spent most of the day laying on the couch and napping a lot. She was up at 6am this morning and I made her lay back down with me and she fell asleep but was snoring so loud (she snores BAD when she can't breathe) that I couldn't get back to sleep. Then she fell asleep around 9:30am and slept for another hour and a half. I took her outside for a little bit on the porch after lunch just to get some fresh air. Then we both laid down at 2pm and slept until 4:45. And she's about ready for bed now at almost 8pm. And for a girl who never naps I know she's not feeling good to sleep that much. You know what the crazy part is? She hasn't complained about her ears at all. Not once! Crazy.

Yesterday while I waited in line to get Gi's meds I noticed this little old lady! How funny! She was ready for St. Patrick's Day. She had this big heap of green garland and shamrock twisty things on her head. And had all these plastic beaded St. Patty's Day necklaces around her neck! There were like 5 other people in line taking pictures of her too!

And if that doesn't make your day how about this car parked in the parking lot at Wal-Mart?! And yes, that would be different colored duct tape it's decorated with. And it also had some sayings written in Sharpie on it. Class-y, I tell ya, cl-ass-y! LOL!

Oh and yesterday I also started The Hunger Games. Finally. I've been wanting to
for awhile but all the libraries had a waiting list for it and I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it.
But my smart sister was already on a waiting list for it and she got it, read it and passed it on to me! It was really good. Not a super hard read but I'm a pretty avid reader. And it was good!

Oh, and yesterday I finished The Hunger Games! Lol! I started after lunch time and read while I laid out, then read some through out the afternoon and then read from like 9pm-11pm straight and finished it! Now I can't wait to see the movie and read the other two books. Maybe I'll just go buy them though because I don't want to wait forever to read the next two.

So anyway, that's been our week and weekend. Honestly, I'm so tired of Gianna being sick. And I don't mean that in an ugly way. I feel SO bad for her, I know she's miserable. Her eyes look so tired and bleary. And I hate it I can't seem to help her. So we are kinda laying low this weekend. Hoping tomorrow there is a big improvement and she'll be ready for school Monday. She missed all but Monday this past week. There were 7 kids out with the same thing though. Her birthday is Wednesday and I really want her feeling tip top by then.


  1. sorry that your little girl is sick. that old lady is hilarious i am looking forward to reading the hunger games thankfully i have a friend who owns them and i won't have to wait very long.

  2. That little old lady is so cute!!! I just want to go hug her lol. I love when older people get super excited for holidays. It makes me smile. I hope Gi starts to feel better soon. Being sick is the worst, and I know it isn't easy to see her sick and know you can't do anything. Unless you're heartless, which you aren't of course.

    My car is in pretty bad shape...think I'll use some purple and cover it up! haha.