Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Never ending.

That's my "this week/weekend has kicked my butt" face! Seriously, this weekend I figured we'd all be on the up and up since Gianna was on a new antibiotic. I figured we'd stay low key so she'd have plenty of time to re-coop before school started Monday. Saturday night after dinner Beej started feeling bad, said his stomach didn't feel right and he went to bed early. Gianna was still not feeling great and slept kinda restless that night. The next morning Beej was full blown sick as a dog. I thought maybe it was a stomach bug at first but after we talked about it we decided it was food poisoning. We had both eaten pretty much the exact same thing on Saturday except he had a chicken biscuit from McD's that morning. 8-9 hours later he was sick. He spent all day Sunday throwing up, tossing around in bed and battling a fever. And on top of Gianna still wasn't getting any better.......

By 8pm on Sunday I knew Gi wasn't going to school & she needed more help than the antibiotic was offering. She wasn't any better, in fact, she seemed worse. She started crying and tell me her throat and chest hurt. So I left Beej in bed and took her to the ER. My sister was just getting off work so she came and sat with us. She was still running a 103 fever & they gave her Motrin to bring it down. The dr. came in listened to her chest and was concerned that she sounded a bit wheezy and seemed to be laboring to breathe a little. He said he was pretty sure she had a bronchial infection & possibly a viral respiratory infection. So he gave her a dose of a steroid and within 30 minutes she seemed to really perk up and start looking and feeling better. He was still concerned with her breathing so he decided to give her a breathing treatment. She did really well and they sent us home with a prescription for the steroid and told me to keep giving her antibiotic too.

She slept so well that night. I slept upstairs with her since Beej was still really sick. She hardly snored at all, she's been having such a hard time breathing and she's been snoring SO loud. And she slept really good so I was thrilled. But when I got her up Monday morning to get ready for school she was still a little out of it and kept crying. So I decided to keep her home one more day. Gave her the dose of steroid I was supposed to and within 30 minutes she had become an emotional basket case. She just kept crying about everything....she finally went to bed on her own and slept for an hour then got back up and kept up the crying thing. Every little thing turned her into a crying mess. No matter what I said or did she just kept crying. She went to bed again and slept for about 2 1/2 hours. And woke up and seemed a lot better. She slept really well last night and went to school this morning. I held off giving her the steroid hoping she'd be ok through school. She was a little teary going in but so far they haven't called me to come get her. Apparently they had 9 kids out with whatever this is last week and 6 still out yesterday. Really hoping this knocks it out and she's ready for her birthday tomorrow and her party Saturday.

(After we got back from the ER Sunday night!)

(Bath time last night....)

And then to top it all off......

Friday night one of my sister's dogs busted out of her closed in porch where she keeps them at night. When she got up Sat morning the other dog came back but Max didn't. She started looking for him, called the animal control thinking they had picked him up or something. Her house is backed by woods but the woods back up to a pretty busy highway and exit. We called the animal shelter yesterday to see if someone had dropped him off but they said no. Then late yesterday afternoon her neighbor called me and said they had found Max on the side of the road down the highway a bit. He'd been hit. They wanted me to identify him before she told Charity. It was him and I cried after seeing pictures of him.....I headed over to see Charity and see what I could do to help. We knew we needed to bury him but he's about 85lbs so it wasn't going to be easy. I called to see if the vet could take care of him but they were closed till the next morning. So I enlisted the help of my hubby, who was finally feeling better, and we dug a grave out in our woods. It's really sad to think he's gone. He was my parents dog first then he actually lived here with us for a couple of months before my sister took him to be her other dog's buddy. He was super sweet and he'll be missed for sure.

But yeah, that was our weekend. Did I mention I now have some sort of head cold/allergy thing? Yup. Can't breathe, runny nose, etc. Ugh.


  1. oh my gosh that is so gut wrenching i'm sorry about the dog. but at least your daughter is on the mend.

  2. sorry you had such a rough weekend. we've all been sick too.