Monday, March 5, 2012

Exploring & relaxin'!

We had a fabulous weekend again! Weekends seem to go by so fast. We look forward to them all week then they are here and gone before we can even blink it feels like.

Friday was Wacky-tacky Day in honor of Dr. Seuss at school. Gianna picked out her own tacky outfit! They read a different Dr. Seuss book each day last week and on Friday they got to have library hour where the parents get to come and read to their child in the library. Gi was so excited and I went to read to her....I ended up reading to a couple of other students too whose parents couldn't make it.

We came home for a bit and Gianna crashed in the floor and took a nap! Lol! She was exhausted. She had been up until around midnight Thurs. night with an ear ache. B took her to the ER but it was really busy and by the time they waited the medicine and drops I had put in her ear took effect and she was feeling well enough to come home and sleep. But getting back up at 6:30am then having a fun day at school really took it's toll on her.

Once she napped we got up and got dressed and headed out to see Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. I think I was just as excited (or more!) to see it as Gianna was. We went to an "early" showing because I figured later on it would be packed. The theater wasn't too full and we got great seats and at way too much popcorn and laughed and laughed! The previews were great too and the movie was adorable. An absolute must see!

Saturday we spent most of the morning around the house picking up and cleaning up. We had plans to go out to dinner with some friends later that evening. We decided to head out a little early and do a few things. Gianna has recently become fascinated with bowling (or "balling" as she called it for awhile! Lol!) so B decided to swing by a bowling alley and they played a game. It was busy and all the lighter kids balls were gone so Gianna used a big one but she did good and had a lot of fun until her finger got smashed between balls in the return but she got over it and finished her game! She was sad to go but I foresee a few daddy/daughter bowling dates in the future!

After that we headed to downtown Asheville and spent about two hours walking around and exploring the city. I've been downtown several times but usually to just go to a specific restaurant. I've never really just spent a lot of time looking and browsing. We went into some really neat stores including a three story (expensive!) shoe store that I'd love to work at! Lol! We also went into a store called The Chocolate Fetish. Full of delicious chocolates!!!

Gianna had a milk chocolate truffle full of milk chocolate ganache'.

I had a dark chocolate truffle full of marshmallow creme. So yummy & rich!

Gianna was having a blast touring around Asheville! I'll be honest, I found a last minute babysitter that morning and really wanted her to stay home but she was already really excited about going so we ended up taking her and I'm really glad we did because she had so much fun and kept saying, "I LOVE Asheville!"

Sunday morning we decided to skip church - even though we didn't sleep in much (7am!) we just kinda laid around in bed for awhile then got up and went to breakfast. I love lazy Sunday mornings!

We went grocery shopping after that and I picked up a small watermelon and I thought Gianna was going to come unglued! She has been begging for watermelon but I told her that was something you get in the summer. So when she saw me put that little melon in the bugging her eyes got huge and she said, "Is it summer already?!!" Lol! She begged for a piece for hours after we got home and I finally gave her a fourth of the whole melon and ate it all exclaiming, "This tastes like summer!" And I couldn't agree more.

We spent the rest of the laying around - B watched golf and we all watched a lot of Shipping Wars and Storage Wars. I got some reading in too and over all it was a wonderful weekend!

And now it's Monday and we are back to "routine". I'm going to turn in a couple of applications tomorrow and once again cross my fingers that someone will call me back and give me a job.

I'm also getting together all the ideas for Gianna's birthday party. I made up a mock invitation today that I think I really like. Hopefully I'll get those out in the next couple of days.

My hubby's birthday is on Thursday - as my birthday present to him he's going to see MuteMath on Sunday with a couple of friends. I was planning to go originally but we weren't able to get a sitter so I'm letting him go. I'm super excited for him but I'll admit I'm a bit jealous too!

Oh, and I'm also starting Brazil Butt Lift today! I got it in the mail Saturday and I went over the basic moves yesterday and wow, it's going to be a killer! My butt has no idea what's coming! Haha!

How was your weekend?!!

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