Sunday, March 25, 2012

Uno, Dos, Tres......

1. I may have become mildly obsessed with The Hunger Games over the past week. I mean, I've been looking forward to the movie since I first saw the trailer. But I decided I wanted to read the first book before I saw the movie. I prefer to do that if I can. But the library had a wait list a mile long for it but then my sister snagged it and read it then let me borrow it and I was HOOKED! Read it through in one afternoon/evening. Saw the movie last night and holy bananas!!! It was incredible! I want to see it again and take my hubby to see it. But of course after reading the book & seeing the movie I was desperate to see what happens next so even though my name is on the wait list at the library I went out and bought Catching Fire today because I couldn't wait to read it. And guess what?! I read it this afternoon. Yup. It's done. I'm breathless and dying to read the next one because the author is great at leaving you hanging at a crucial point. Geez.

2. Gigi seems to be over her sickness. Thank Jesus. Now I've got some sorta cold/sinus/head thingy going on. Stuffy nose, horribly sore throat (which is finally much better today.) and now some kind of eye issue. My tear duct is visibly swollen in one eye and it burns if I get any contact solution or anything on it. So I've worn my glasses all day today and I'm popping Benadryl at night just to be able to breathe enough to get some sleep......

3. We had Gigi's birthday party this weekend too. It was quite a hit and she had a blast. It was busy and fun with some of my family in town to visit too. It's always great to see them and Gigi and her cousin always have a blast playing together! It was so sweet of them to make the trip up from Bama. The guys played golf, us girls went to see The Hunger Games, and the little girlies got lots of playtime together. So all in all a great weekend! And I'll hopefully have pics of Gi's party up tomorrow.

4. I'm trying to get better with my skin routine. My mother was always great with hers all my growing up years and I'm seeing the benefits of it now so I've decided better late than never so I'm doing my best to use my cleanser & moisturizer daily and I recently got a moisturizing mask to do at night too. Especially since summer is around the corner and I like to keep my make up to a minimum and I like to lay out a lot too and I don't want to dry out my face too much.

5. Tomorrow would have been the start of my 4th week of Brazil Butt Lift. But with everything going on this past week I honestly skipped out on my work outs WAY too much so I'm going to repeat week 3 tomorrow. I can't say I'm seeing drastic changed yet but I am seeing changes. I feel like things are more lifted and a little firmer. And I feel like my outer thighs are shrinking too. So yay for that!

6. Still haven't found a job. It's so frustrating. My hubby is talking about getting a part time job on the weekends if I can't find something soon. I really don't want that to happen so I'm begging God to open something up soon. I've put in a lot of applications but I'm going to try and get a few more in this week. Maybe a hostess job or something.......

So there's a quick update. I've been a bit of a lousy blogger lately but bear with me....I'll get it together soon! Lol!

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