Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've been M.I.A for a bit and it's getting to the point where people are starting to ask me if I've quite blogging. Hey, at least people notice I'm gone, right?! This past week and a half or so has been up & down. We've been fairly busy and I just haven't taken the time to blog really. Last week the alternator went out on our second car, totally unexpectedly (can you expect an alternator going out?!). We got it "fixed" but something still wasn't right and my battery light kept flickering on and off so I ended up taking it back and they had to put another alternator on it. It was also the Mr.'s birthday last week too - we didn't do anything big but we tried to celebrate. That include him working all day and then a run to Taco Bell for dinner & store bought cupcakes for desert! Luckily, he's never been big on making a big deal about his birthday unlike me.

Monday we started our normal routine although it felt a bit off due to the time change. I have no problems with the whole Fall Back thing but the Spring Forward always takes me a bit to get used to especially when that means I'm taking Gi to school and it's still practically dark outside. I hate that.

Gi's been battling a bad "cold" for a couple of weeks now. Nasty cough and a runny nose. It seems to be par for the course since she started school. They just seem to pass it around and around but Monday night was pretty rough. She was up and down all night coughing her head off and she couldn't breathe out of her nose. I gave him some medicine and ended up putting her in bed with me & B went and slept in her room so that he could actually get some sleep before work the next day.

Tuesday morning I called her out of school and scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician. They said she had the beginnings of an ear infection and at that point she was running a fever of 103. Which kinda freaked me out because she wasn't even that warm to the touch. They ended up giving her a prescription for an antibiotic and sent us home. She continued to run a fever all day, it would come down when I'd give her Tylenol or something but then it came right back up.

I called her out of school yesterday and the teacher said several kids were out with the same thing. No strep or anything but high fevers and coughs. Said most dr.'s seem to think it was a viral infection of some sort. She seemed better yesterday morning and was up and about and I thought after two doses of her antibiotic she was probably on the mend and would be back to school today but by the afternoon she had crashed again and was running a fever yet again. She slept most of the afternoon and had a fever through out last night too.....

(We've been using a lot of these lately....)

She's coughing so hard that she's thrown up a few times because it triggers her gag reflex. I'm getting pretty worried about her and ended up calling her out for the rest of the week from school. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take her to the hospital today if her fever continues. I think she needs some IV meds or something to kick start her getting better. Her birthday is next week and I really want her to be 100% better before her party and family comes to visit. I'm hoping they can run some blood tests or something and figure out exactly what's wrong....

Your prayers are appreciated!

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  1. hope gianna is feeling better! i'll be keeping you guys in my prayers.

    i've been so wrapped up in all the stress that's been going on over here that i haven't had much time to think about anything else. BUT i did wonder about you yesterday, and i came to your blog to see if maybe your posts just weren't showing up in my reader. :)