Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trying Two's

We are in the midst of the "trying two's". I choose not to call them the terrible two's because I don't want any part of Gianna's life to be remembered as terrible. And well, I guess it could be worse. But it is very trying to say the least! She is pushing my buttons constantly. Everything is a struggle with her now. She isn't a fit pitcher really, she doesn't scream or throw her self down. Mainly because she knows I'd NEVER allow that kind of behavior. But she does test me and Beej big time! She doesn't ever want to ride in the buggy at the store anymore, if I insist she does she wants to sit in the back but then she won't sit down, she wants to stand up. And then if I let her walk she doesn't want to hold my hand. It's like something constantly. Today we went to eat lunch at Burger King and I put her in a high chair and she didn't want to sit in it, she wanted to sit in the "big girl" seat but then I knew she wouldn't stay seated and she'd end up with food all over her. But she got mad and so we spent half the meal threatening to give her a spanking if she didn't obey. Then she refused to eat anything...ugh! The list could go on and on. She is all the time back talking me and telling me "not to talk". Or she'll put her hand up in my face when I'm telling her something. Little booger! I'm trying so hard to talk her through this stuff and not lose my patience but it's so hard. I just feel like it never gets through to her. I do have to spank her sometimes and I do hate it but at the same time I'm not going to allow her to become a brat. I've been around way too many kids that are rude and obnoxious and their parents can't control them in any way. I want Gianna to be a well behaved child that others can enjoy being around. But at the same time I want her to be able to be a child but a good one! She's such a smart child, she catches onto things quickly. Sometimes too quickly! She has a heard a few bad words lately that I don't know where she got them. I try to be very careful what she watches on TV and who she's around and what they say but somewhere she picked up the word "b*tch". The other day we were cleaning the bathroom and she walked over to the tub and said "We're gonna clean this b*tch!" I was shocked! I almost laughed too! It was pretty funny but awful at the same time! I explained to her that it was a bad, bad word and she wasn't to say it at all, ever! She seemed upset at first but then she just kept saying "That's a bad, bad word!" She knows her colors fairly well now, she gets them mixed up every once in awhile but for the most part she knows. She's got most of her basic shapes down too. Rectangles are her biggest thing right now, she sees rectangles everywhere! She is learning the differences between number and letters. We're working on them, she has a set of numbers and letters that go in the bath tub and she loves pointing them out and asking or telling me what they are. Potty training is still iffy. She does pretty good at home, she still has a few little "accidents" on her way to the potty but for the most part she has it down. She doesn't stay dry at night or nap time so she wears a pull up and I put a pull up on her when we go out. And to be honest, I am just lazy when it comes to taking her to the bathroom when we are out. She forgets to tell me and I just don't take her. I've got to get better at doing that. After Christmas I think we are going back to no pull ups and just deal with panties. She's got to get this thing down before she turns 3! So much work!!!! I'm so excited about Christmas with her this year - she is very hyped about it!

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