Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today I Love....

I have a friend who is a great blogger. I always enjoy looking at her blog. Even though it's very simple it's neat to see. She posts things she's doing work wise, she's a graphic designer but she also posts things she's into or liking at the moment. She's much more artsy then I am and her things are much neater but I liked the idea and thought I might steal it for the day! I haven't felt like blogging much lately. Not a lot going on that's very interesting really. Just getting ready for the holidays. Going out of town this weekend to have an early Christmas with extended family. Eager to see everyone! But today these are the things I love!

Brandon Flowers - Lead singer of the Killers and absolutely brilliant! Amazing voice and incredible song writer! I love to hear him sing and I love watching him sing! Lol!

Jessica Alba - She is my inspiration for working out and she is what I hope to look like soon! I have a picture of her up on my fridge to help inspire me! I love her fashion, I think she's talented and of course a great mommy!

Range Rover - Ah, yes! My dream car! I do plan to own one some day, when Beej makes his millions doing music! I want a black one with cream leather interior! It's beautiful!

Dean Koontz - I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read! Recently my hubby and I have gotten into reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz books. They are both brilliant writers. Not just horror like some people think. We have started collecting books from local thrift stores and book shops. We have quite a collection going so far! I just started The Voice Of The Night.....I just finished One Door Away From Heaven by D.K. too. Great book!

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