Friday, December 11, 2009

This is So Sad!

This is Edward and Bella. They are Chiquaqua's. They are super sweet and cuddly. But someone didn't want them, they were dropped into an over night animal shoot at the local animal shelter. Someone there rescued them and brought them to our local animal hospital to be cared for and then hopefully adopted. Luckily they have been adopted into a loving home by someone who works at the animal hospital. There is just one problem, well technically two, Edward and Bella both are missing legs. Neither of them have front legs, at all. They are a result of back yard inbreeding. The general result is that the puppies are born missing limbs. Other then that these puppies are healthy and sweet. But they can't get around on two hind legs. So our animal hospital is trying to raise the funds to get them some "wheels". These wheels will be attached by a harness to the front of each puppy so that they can be mobile on their own. Similar to the ones found on this site - This really touched me, I got to hold Edward today, he was so sweet and tiny! It would be such a blessing if we could all pitch in and help their owners purchase their "wheels" for them. Rutherford Animal Hospital in Rutherfordton, NC is accepting donations right now. Please consider helping these adorable little puppies have a better life!!!!

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