Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New do? Oh, nice!

I got my hair cut today! Woohoo! I've been debating it for like oh, two weeks or longer. I knew I didn't want to go super short, or too "crazy" because I need something that's kinda low maintence for now. But my hair was so long, and so hot for the summer, not to mention the ends hadn't been cut in like 9 months and they are DEAD!!! So I finally just sucked it up and cut it today! The girl that did it did a good job and I'm pleased with it. I'm still getting used to it being this short again, I cut off about 5 inches! Gianna said "cute hair, Mom!" So I guess I'm good! So far, my hubby hasn't noticed, granted I only saw him face to face outside in the sun for like 10 mins. but still.....we'll see if and when he ever notices!!! Lol! I need some color change next but color is hard to maintain especially if it's something you have to go to the salon for, and that takes money which I don't have to spend on getting my hair done once a month! For now I'm good with it just being dark brown....
Tomorrow I'm hosting a jewelry party at my house! This will be the first non-family event I've had here at my small, humble home! I don't play hostess very well, so luckily my mom will be here to do that for me...but it will be interesting to see how it goes!!!

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