Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tempt me, I dare you!!!

So I'm still on week one of my diet. I've only had one slip up really and that was a cookie. Yes, chocolate cookies, left over from 4th of July. But I've been good about getting at least 45 minutes exercise every day between a workout DVD and walking or swimming. It's alot harder to keep your calories down to 1000 or less then you think. I'm shocked at how many calories stuff has a turkey and cheese sub on whole wheat bread at Subway has 520 calories!!! Wow! But I realize more and more that I eat for pleasure and the taste rather then when I'm hungry and actually need food. I crave sugar! Yikes!
This weekend will be a challenge too because we're going to spend the weekend up in Lake Lure at a cabin with Beej's brothers and their families. It's going to be fun! Beej's mom had three boys and all of her boys have daughters! No boys!!! Ranging from age 17 down to 2! So it'll be fun, we're just going to relax and do nothing - maybe hit the pool a bit but other then that we're just going to enjoy each others company. It's so rare that we all get together.
I am babysitting my best friend's little girl today - she's 19 months old! Her and Gianna have a bit of a toddler love/hate relationship going on! They like each other and love to play but they both are used to everything being theirs so they end up fighting over everything!!! Gianna especially.....but they'll live!!! I'm keeping them at my mom's house along with my 9 year old brother who is currently dancing around in front of his X-Box! I don't understand why they have to jump around to play a video game! Making hot dogs and fries for everyone's lunch except mine - I'm having low fat tuna salad and wheat cracks and a plum! Temptation is looming, I can feel it! But I must resist, I must!!!! Not to mention the giant tub of chocolate cookies in the freezer, but I'm strong and I CAN and WILL do this!!! Lol!!!

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