Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I couldn't be more pleased with how Gianna is doing with potty training! She is trying so hard and she's making me very proud! We only have ONE accident today! She made it through the night dry and got up peed and then made it through her nap dry and got up and peed again....later that evening she peed in the floor but I think it's because she was so busy playing she forgot. I usually try to watch for the "signs" or just put her on every 20 minutes or so. She didn't got poo today though, I'm anxious for her to actually do that in the potty. I've got a special prize for her once she does. I try to encourage her with little rewards and treats and that seems to help. She only goes if I'm not in the bathroom with her, I have to wait outside the door and listen for her to go! She is so funny! She held it and held it today until she was like shaking she had to go so bad! Bless her heart! Lol! But overall I don't think it could have gotten much easier, thankfully Gianna seems to just "pick" thing up, kinda like her daddy!
Beej is out on the road again, he's in Ohio tonight. They drove all last night to Chicago, did a radio interview there and then drove all day to Columbus, OH. I think he's pretty tired. Things are a little strained for him right now, just adjusting to being on the road so much and the financial pressures he is facing being a "free lance" musician. But I know he's doing the right thing and it's going to pay off in the end!
I am officially done recording my first song with Beej! I'm so excited! He produced it and it sounds amazing! The song was originally called 'Pursue' but a few weeks ago I completely ditched all the lyrics, which I had written back in 2004, and wrote all new lyrics! The song is now called 'Traveler' and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm eager to get it up online so that everyone can hear it. Beej put alot of hard work and effort into and I think he's pretty proud of the results. He did most of the work, I laid a guitar tracks and vocals which took all of like two hours total but he put in about 20 hours on putting the music together. I can't thank him enough. I've already got my next song up and ready to record! But I think I need to give him a break to get some of his stuff done too!

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