Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Potty Training

I am officially potty training Gianna now. We started yesterday. Threw away her diapers and broke out the panties! She had several accidents throughout the morning but finally put a little trickle in the potty mid morning. I was thrilled and she seemed pretty surprise at it all! Before lunch I put her on the potty and she wanted a popsicle so I told her she could have one if she sat there and peed. And she did with popsicle in hand!!! She stayed dry through her nap and peed like a champ when I got her up! I was so excited! After that I'm not sure we made it to the actual potty anymore. I'd sit her on there and then after I'd get her off she'd pee in the floor. Then right before bed last night in the 2 mins. I wasn't watching her closely she pooped in her panties! Ugh! I thought changing a poopy diaper was bad....GROSS! Hopefully we'll managed to make it to the bathroom to number 2 today! She sat on the toilet last at 10 45pm last night and then went to bed, woke up dry this morning (I WAS THRILLED!) and then sat on the potty forever without peeing, I knew she had to go though because she kept getting those "I gotta pee chills"!!! So I got her a popsicle and walked out and that relaxed her enough to go! She was pretty proud of herself!!! But not nearly as proud and as excited as I was! We'll see how tody goes!!!

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