Thursday, April 5, 2012


Currently I'm.....

Obsessing over: The Hunger Games! Yes, still. I'm not one of those that sees the movie then I'm over it. Or reads the books and I'm done. I can get a bit obsessive over the storyline, the idea behind, the characters, their lives, etc. There's only been like three stories that have really gotten me like that Twilight (don't judge me! Lol!), The Dark Tower series by Stephen King (my mind is still exploding with the ideas, story and depth of those books.) and now The Hunger Games. Unlike in Twilight, The Hunger Games is about far more than just the love story although that is beautiful woven in. It's about strength, determination, unwavering love & commitment through the harshest of circumstances. I think the movie was so well done and they couldn't have picked a better cast!

Working on: A couple of songs. I've recently had a bit of inspiration that I've put into a couple of songs that I hope we can get recorded soon. I get the basics and my hubby hears all the details and does the producing part. I'm lucky to have someone who has the ear for that because I don't!

Thinking about: Our move! We announced late last year that we were planning to move. We knew this county was not the place we wanted to raise our daughter for the rest of her life or live out our own lives. There is nothing here - no motivation, no culture, nothing. So we started trying to figure out what our best option was. Originally we had thought Huntsville, AL. We've lived there before, we love the city, there are tons of opportunities there, we have family there, etc. But after some serious thought and praying we've decided that move isn't for us right now. So we'll be moving up towards Asheville, NC. My hubby works up that way already, and we've recently discovered just how much we love the city and the diversity of culture. The city is growing and booming and we know there will be plenty of opportunities for us (and hopefully a job for me!!!). We are currently looking into purchasing our first home as well (eeekkk!), I'll keep you updated on that as we go.....but yeah, we are SO excited! Hopefully we'll be moving by the end of June. My hope is to be in our new place by the 4th of July. Fingers crossed.

Anticipating: The end of this month.....I have plans to attend a Christina Perri concert in Asheville and I'm pretty excited about it! I love her and her music and seeing her live would be completely awesome. I'm planning to take my sister with me but if she can't go I'll rummage up someone because I'm dying to go!

Listening to: I'm totally obsessed with the song Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. I think I listen to it daily and have been for like two weeks now! Lol! I'm also totally loving the song Cough Syrup by Young the Giant. If you haven't listened to them yet go listen right now!

Eating: Recently discovered these Greek yogurt smoothies and they are delish! They are individual packets with frozen chunks of fruit and greek yogurt. Throw them in the blender with a cup of milk (I use soy or almond milk) and a little bit of spinach and that's been my lunch lately. So thick and creamy!

Wishing: That I had a large amount of money to go summer shopping. My wardrobe is looking pretty sad lately! I went and tried on a few pairs of shorts the other day and it's so frustrating. If I get cute shorts from the Juniors department they are so short I can't stand it (like up in your butt short! Lol!) but then the Ladies department only has "granny" shorts. So I currently own like 2 pairs of shorts that I like and I've had those for like two years.

So what is currently happening with you?!


  1. Who wants to wear up in your butt shorts? hahaha.. My sister lived in North Carolina for a few years and if she could live anywhere (besides near me) it would be NC again.

  2. LOVE those smoothies! :) oh..and the Hunger Games. Hoping that at some point I can introduce Nate to the Hunger Games this week.