Saturday, April 14, 2012

She's back!

Tuesday morning the kiddo and I ventured out to Knoxville, TN to meet up with my dad and grandfather. This was honestly my first trip by myself really. I'm awful with directions and driving somewhere completely new alone doesn't really appeal to me. But back at Christmas my sister got me a GPS and well, I feel braver with it! Lol! We made it Starbucks without a hitch and had a couple of yummy raspberry truffle cake pops before we made the "trade". Since it was Spring break for Gianna we decided it would be fun for her to go spend a few days with my family in AL and hang out with my mom and siblings and visit a few cousins as well. A lot of a Gi's friends at school had been talking about places they were going on Spring break and Gianna was excited to have somewhere to go too! I'm happy that my kiddo misses us while she's gone but I'm also glad she's independent enough to go away for a few days without having meltdown's or freak outs. It really makes it easier for me to relax and let her go when I know that. And thanks to modern technology we get to see pics of her daily and we got to Skype with her a couple of times too!

My mom (who Gianna refers to as Janou) took her to a tea room in AL. It's a cute little place and you drink tea out of china and eat cute little sandwiches and such. Gianna had a blast and Mom said she drank a whole pot of tea by herself! She also took her for her very first mani/pedi. They had a special chair with a dvd player so she could watch cartoons while she got pampered!

She also had a tea party at Mom's house with her cousin, Emma. Emma is a triplet and has two brothers so I think she gets a kick out of getting to do girly little things with Gianna and Gi just loves being with her!

Last night she went with my dad and sister to stay at my aunt's house and get some play time in with her cousin Ava. Absolutely nothing makes that girl happier than spending time with Ava! And they are the dress up queens! (Note how Gianna's holding that doll by the throat! Lol!)

This morning they were out fairly early for the neighborhood yard sale and they had blow up's and bouncy houses which makes for happy kiddos!

After that she went with my mom to the Walk for Obesity and got her face painted and got all sorts of other goodies. She had a pin that said #1 Granddaughter and she informed me that meant she was number one not that she was 1 years old! Lol!

Today my Mom brought Gianna back up to NC and I was thrilled to see her! I've missed her a lot although I'll admit I've enjoyed my week too mainly because I know she was having a blast too. She asked me how old I was now. Lol! I guess she felt she was gone so long that I must be older! She got a bath and was happy to climb into her own bed tonight.....I'm glad she's back!


  1. Awww! I know you missed her, but it looked like Gianna had a blast in Alabama! :) Is that Victoria's Tea Room??

    1. Have you been to Victoria's?! That's where I had my baby shower! My mom LOVES that place but this is actually a place called Emma's Tea Room. I've never been but my mom loves it too. She's a big tea drinker.