Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter photos!

Gianna woke up to this huge basket of goodies & candy, thanks to her Grandma!

Little sleepy head checking out the goods. I think the Trident Layered gum was her favorite!

Easter cutie!

I broke out the heels!

Handsome daddy and his girl!

Me and my sweetie pie!

Headed into church.....

Dying eggs....

They turned out so pretty!

....and she's off!

We had a good Easter - church was good and we picked up KFC on the way home. I really didn't feel like trying to cook and all that. Beej's parents came over to eat with us and watch Gi dye and hunt eggs. We also cooked up a peach pie and served it a-la-mode! I ate too many mini Reese's Cup eggs but I got rid of pretty much all the candy after that....sent it to Beej's work for everyone else to munch on! Lol!

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