Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Thoughts and After That"

So I'm so excited to announce that my hubby's first EP is going to be released soon! He goes by Stranger in Bree and the EP is entitled "Thoughts and After That". He's been working on this project for almost a year now and he's put alot of time, effort and energy into it. It's not quick, cheap, crappy work that he randomly threw together and called it "music". These songs are heart felt, quality songs. People have already heard a few of the songs and some clips but have yet to hear it completely through. He let me listen to it straight through the other day and it's impressive! Raw but solid! His musical style on this project has taken a totally different twist then I forsaw at the beginning but I think it fits him and it's been neat to watch him grow and change musically. I thinks it's great that he's allowing his true musical ability show through instead of trying to copy someone else's style or sound. Or make something he's knows people who know nothing about music will like. This is cool stuff that only people with great musical taste will understand and love. The official track recording and album art work has been sent off for publishing! It will be available for downloading on every major music site in just a few weeks - iTunes, CDbaby, etc. It will be available for download all over the US and Europe! How cool is that?!!! I'm really expecting this to go far and really build a step for him to reach even higher heights with his next project. His official website is being constructed as we speak! He's putting alot of effort into all of this to make sure it isn't "cheesy" and so far he's done a perfect job! You'll be able to find him at www.strangerinbree.com but for now you can visit him at myspace.com/strangerinbree. Please support him, pass the word along and really listen to the music. If you like it then let others know about it! The only way this is going to make it is if people support it and not just people who knows us or are friends with us but total strangers taking this and running with it and promoting it along side of him/us! The EP will be available in less then $6! It has a total 6 tracks on it.....Please visit his myspace for now and let him know what you think. Artist/musicians don't happen over night and with out help and support. If everyone of my Facebook and Myspace friends gave it to a friend of theirs and so on and so on then their would be a huge fan base before you know it and that's how it's going to happen! We appreciate your love and support! This is Beej's dream and I want to see it flourish for him. He's put in long hard hours on this project - writing, playing, producing and tweaking it all! This is his passion and love and I know he's going to keep working hard at it until his dream comes true and he gets where he wants to be! Luckily, I'm married to him and I get to go on this ride and journey with him, supporting him is supporting me too! Thanks for everything, everyone! Please keep your eye on Stranger in Bree!!!!

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