Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nothing makes me happier....

...then to see my daughter happy! Tonight she is in a wonderful mood and even though I love her even when she's cranky seeing her happy makes me feel great! I feel like all the hard work and effort I put into her, all the love and patience I give her is paying off! Today we went out with mother in law who is always gracious to us and treats us to wonderful "goodies"! She bought Gi an adorable pair of boots today and a super cute little Tinkerbell doll! And Gianna couldn't have been more excited about that doll! She carried it all over the store, just staring at it! And has carried it around with her ever since. It took a nap with her, sat by her plant during dinner, went to the movie store with us and is now watching herself on the big screen! We took Gianna down to the movie store and picked up the newest Tinkerbell movie, Gi has seen the old one and loved it too! So now they are snuggled up in the living room watching their movie and having a great time! Gianna keeps yelling for me to bring her cookies and milk! I've promised just as soon as they are out of the oven and cooled I will bring her some and she gets that super big excited smile on her face and I just melt! Sitting in there holding her doll, wearing her Tinkerbell pj's and watching a movie. I see how much she's growing up and the things she's into and I'm just so excited watching her discover herself - what she likes and dislikes! It's so exciting to see her "get into" things! I'm looking forward to Christmas so much - knowing how thrilled she will be over all the decorations, festivities, lights, presents and fun! It's going to be amazing!

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