Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I had no idea when we moved up towards Asheville that it was such a HUGE dog city. Like seriously, everyone has a dog. Anywhere from tiny little pooches up to giant Great Danes. In particular our condo complex is FULL of them. We even have a special little fenced in area for you to take your dog to run around. The park is always covered in owners walking/running their dogs. So I'll admit I sorta thought I wanted a dog too. I mean, come on, everyone looked like they are having such a great time with their dogs. But it seems Gi might have a slight allergy to dogs, not positive but it seems that way. But mainly we just can't take that on right now - a dog is SO much more responsibility than a cat(s). Its sorta like having a kid that can't talk! So as much as it sounds like a good idea I know it's not. BUT that doesn't mean we can't have a new pet, right?!!! Gandalf is old, plain and simple.  He'll be 14 on Oct. 1st and he's never been much of a cuddler. He likes to have his space and the only person he really likes is my hubby. We've had a few "second cats" but none of them have worked out in the end - the first was crazy (literally!), the second one we lost in an accident (I still miss him! He was such a sweet cuddly boy!), and the second one was a female (my mistake) and she was just WAY too much work. And she found a great home with a family so I'm happy for her.....but I do want another pet. I want one that will let Gi and I love on it a bit more and we've moved into a new place and I'm just ready for a new pet! I've been searching the adoption listings trying to find one that I just felt was "right". I've looked at dozens and nothings caught my eye until this boy.......

......is he not beautiful?! I'm in love with him! I want him so badly. He's a 4 year old male, pure white with a blue eye and blue/green eye. Currently his name is Winter although I would change that. I'm trying to find out what his adoption fee is and see if I can figure out a way to make us his forever family. I keep imagining him in all his stunning white glory lounging on the couch with me, hanging out on Gi's bed, calling him and Gandalf "the boys", etc. So yeah, I'm saying a little prayer that this fellow will be mine! We will probably never have dogs and we will never have more kids but that doesn't mean I can't have something to dote on.....we've always said we will never have more than two cats. More than that and you start getting into the crazy cat lady/man territory! Lol! But I just wanted to share, this boy is my latest obsession and I'm doing my best to figure out a way to bring him home!!!


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    1. I know but I can't reach anyone at the shelter he's supposed to be at and I've tried emailing them too. Plus from what I can find out the fee for adoption is $80 and I can't swing that cash right now. I'm looking for a free kitty! Lol! I think we've found one we may get. A family near us is having to give him up because their daughter has allergies....we'll see though, still working on the hubby!